They meet again

Aaron's pov

I was sitting in my office surrounded by papers when I see dad enter my office.

"I have been nothing but patient with you son but now I need you to decide !"

He said with authority.

"What are you talking about Dad?"

I said still doing my work, paying little attention to what he was saying .

"You know really well what I am talking about,it's been 3 long years and you still have no queen by your side!

People have started talking about it, doubting if they will ever have a queen,I gave you long enough time to overcome what happened in the past but now it's high time now Son!"

I was really tired ,not in the mood to carry forward this talk,just why can't I rule without a queen !!

"Dad you already know my answer ,please just leave me alone!"

"No son not this time,so many women of high rank and status have proposed you but you being you, didn't even acknowledge them,I need you to forget about Aleka and find a suitable queen for you!"

Aleka.. her name alone sends some weird thrills in my spine

I closed my eyes to see her beautifull face in front of me ,her smooth black hair ,her innocent eyes if only she was that innocent.

Appearences are truly deceptive,her appearence is the best epitome of that.

I have hated her for not protecting her sister,I have hated her for not shifting,I have hated her for being my mate and I will always hate her for killing my mother.

Still I couldn't find someone to replace her,I couldn't see someone else as the queen when she is my mate.

Aleka just why did you made my life so difficult?

If only you didn't kill my mother I could have accepted you,to bo honest after giving you a chance ,you proved your worth and I was ready to accept you but then I saw you covered in my mothers blood.

Just why did you do it Aleka ?why!!

"Son your murderer mate Aleka is dead ,she got what she deserved so stop thinking about her,I am sure you will find a much better girl than her just open your eyes and give them a chance"

Dead.. Aleka!! this thought only makes me mad ,

she couldn't have died

I surely hated her but still I wanted to see her everyday ,I wanted to see those beautifull eyes looking at me,I wanted to smell her peach blossom fragrance,I wanted to feel her smooth velvety skin.

Everyone say's the facts ,they say no female wolf has ever survived being a rogue let alone a human.

But I just couldn't and didn't wanted to admit it.

"Aaron you are not just an Alpha you are the King of warewolfes ,you have some responsibilities towards your people,you have to find a suitable queen not for our pack or for yourself but for the entire kingdom!"

I have no choice ,dad is right ,I have to do this for my people,I have to replace Aleka ,I have to let her go

"Okay dad,just give me sometime!"

Dad hugged me and smiled

"I knew you would be a great king "

And he left

I rubbed my temples and closed my eyes

"Please Alpha trust me ...I didn't kill her...

Please believe me.....

I beg of you.....

I will die

Save me.........."

I could still hear her cries in my ears,I could still see her pleading eyes overflowing with tears,

I could still see her devastaded state

This memory has haunted me multiple times in these 5 years

I could still remember seeing her falling near my feet on getting rejected,I still remember that cold look on her face,I still remember guards dragging away her body which looked lifeless and that was the last time I saw her .

"Aaron Angela is nowhere to be found!!please do something !I think she crossed the border!"

Daniel said through the mindlink.

Never have I ever heard him so worried but then again no one was as special as his 4 years old daughter Angela.

"Dan calm down! We'll find her!"

With this, I mind linked all my warriors to search for her.

I called all the neighbouring Alphas to inform them about Angela.

She would be safe if she went there but I cannot say the same for my southernmost territory

It was no man's land and was mostly inhabited by rogues,there was no one to protect her there ,so me and Dan gathered our warriors and headed towards the south.


Aleka's pov

I freshened myself up near the stream,placed my silver knifes on the sides of my boots,pulling up my black hoodie over my face and placing my bow and arrows on my back

Ready for my journey.

I had only covered a few meters when I hear a child crying and some people laughing near her.

I continued my journey ignoring her cries but after a few steps something was pricking my conscience.

I knew what it was.

My heart wanted to help her but my brain stated otherwise.

I turned around thinking that i'll help her quickly and return back to my journey.

When I went near the voices I saw a beautifull little girl with large green eyes crying and 3 rogues surrounded her

"Poor baby is crying!didn't your mother told you not to go to the forest alone!"

One of them said mocking her crying state.

The other one went towards her and held her beautifull golden locks in his hand and started sniffing them.

"Hmm delicious!guys we are going to have a fest today!!"

She took a step back

Her foot got stuck in a rock and she fell back bruising her elbow

They again started laughing at her helpless state.

I stepped forward and picked her tiny body up from her arm with my left hand.

"You know scaring a child is not an act of bravery but that of cowardiness"

Theit laughter died down and all 3 of them were now staring at me.


"Give back the child and we'll spear your life tiny rogue "

The girl clinged to my leg and hid herself behind me,she hugged to my leg like her life was dependent on it

Which was technically true in this scenario .

"I think you can find something else for your feast,she is not going anywhere near you"

"Do you have a death wish rogue,there is no chance of you winning against us 3"

I unlocked the girl's hands from my leg and gave her a slight push backwards with my left hand.

I didn't wanted to get her hurt.

"Try me!"

I said with a serious look.

And then two of them jumped at me

I was fast to dodge the attack of one and plung my knife into other one's chest.

He fell on the ground growling in pain .

One of the other tried to escape but I pulled out my arrow and aimed at his back hitting bulls eye.

Now only one was left.

Suddenly he jumped on my back and was ready to slash my throat with his claws, when I pushed him back with full force ,hitting his body at the tree behind and stabbing my knife in his heart.

He howled loudly.

I knew from experience that this was not just a howl of pain but also a howl of calling.

I went towards the small girl

Her eyes were closed and she was shaking with fear.

I touched her shoulder and she flinched.

On realising it's me she jumped and threw her body at me hugging me.

I haven't had a hug in long time and it felt weird.

But good at the same time

I pulled her back and looked into her eyes ,commanding her

"Turn back and go to your pack,

whatever happens don't stop and turn around,

Don't stop till you see someone you know.


She nodded but her feet were not moving

I gave her a slight push and she started walking to safe grounds

But suddenly she stopped and turned around.

I understood her look

She didn't wanted to leave me

She wanted me to come with her

But that was not possible.

"I said Don't look back!!just go!!"

I said raising my voice and she flinched with my harsh and rude tone.

I know I shouldn't be rude and cold to her but this is just the way I am ,now gone is that Aleka who considered even a single curse to be a sin.

She was reluctant but she turned back and continued to take small baby steps towards her pack borders.

I knew she must belong to the pack which is just 400 metres away from here and then she'll be safe.

I stood there in the clearing waiting for other rogues to come

The rogue which died made a howling call meaning that he called the other rogues here.

I wouldn't let them reach her

I will be like a barrier and they would have to kill me to pass through.

Within few minutes I saw 10 wolves coming my way

I may have fought 7 alone but today I think this will be record breaking.

I pulled my wolfsbane laden arrow and attacked 2 of them on their way.

6 wolves attacked me ,all at once.

I took my knifes in both my hands and started slashing them

Soon their brown fur has turned red with blood.

They may have long claws but I had silver knives.

I got some claw marks on my back and few on my forehead making blood drops fall on my eyes tracing my eyebrows.

But they didn't stop me.

Within minutes they all were lying dead on the floor except one.

I could see him running towards the direction she came

I couldn't catch him with my human but I could surely stop him

I followed him and on getting a perfect aim I released the arrow hitting his calf.

He cried in pain and fell down

I approached him to end this matter when I heard large number of footsteps coming towards my way.

Sh**!! I didn't realise when I crossed the border and now I was standing in a pack territory.

Rogues like me are killed at sight and me being a banished wolf worsens the situation

If I get caught there was no way i'll escape death.

So much for helping that child

But I hope she reached her parents safely otherwise all this will be invain

The rogue I just stopped was trying to run even with a broken leg.

I turned around to run but I was too late

4 pack wolves stopped my way and when I turned around nearly 15 wolves were standing ,daring me to take another step further.

Suddenly a wolf changed into a blonde with green eyes and body size twice as mine.

He must be a gamma considering his authority

As he was waiting for his beta or alphas order

He towared over me but I refused to show fear

Well, if I am going to die only why not die a fearless death

He grabbed my arms and pushed them behind me holding me in a death grip.

My arms were ready to come out of their sockets and I was feeling excruciating pain but I refused to show it.

I had a high tolerance of pain and this was nothing compared to what I feel when I shift into my wolf

"Count your last minutes rogue!!once the Alpha comes here you are dead!"

"Well thank you Mr obvious"

I said rolling my eyes

As if I didn't knew this already.

His anger intensified and he further tightened his grip if that was even possible.

If I run right now and get caught they will kill me this instant but if the Alpha arrives he will put me in dungeon and give me a painfull death so why not go for the former option

Also the borders were only few metres away if I could cross it I was free

I summoned all my strength and back kicked the gamma with my boots heel ,his grip loosened a bit and I nudged my elbow into his stomach.

Taking this as an opportunity I made a run towards the border slashing the arm of the pack wolf who tried to stop me with the knife in my pocket.

I was just a foot away from the border when I felt something big and heavy smash into me throwing my tiny body high above in the air hitting the bark of a tree.

I could feel millions of needles pricking at my back as my body slid down the bark .

My earlier claw wounds opened up and I could feel my shirt soaking and getting wet in blood.

I managed to open my eyes to see a tall frame coming towards me.

He had those rarest of rare green eyes which were glaring at me with hatred.

On just staring at his eyes I knew who he was.

In these long 5 years he has changed to be a beautifull man with ripping muscles and handsome face.

He was having a dangerous and deadly aura around him which was not there before.

I was so happy seeing him that for once I forgot what my body was feeling right now.

All the pain I felt subdued

And the next second I know he was holding my neck and choking me

"You filthy rogue!!how dare you touch my daughter!!"

"I'll bloody kill you!!"

The only thing I could concentrate on was that he had a daughter

My brother found his mate and has a daughter

Wow!I was so happy that even though he was trying to choke me

I passed him a genuine smile

His anger aggravated on seeing my smile and he increased the pressure on my neck making it diificult for me to breathe

While doing this my head fell back and the hood covering my eyes came down.

He looked into my eyes and suddenly his grip on my neck loosened

I knew he would recognise my eyes

My eyes were the rarest

Not because they were puple or green or grey

But because they were pure black

They were so black that you couldn't distinguish between my orbs and iris

As black as the night with dark moon lunar phase

"Dann..y .."

I managed to say in my broken voice with my damaged vocal cords

I was the only one who called him Danny and I knew now he will recognise his little sister

His hand left my neck and he stood there frozen staring at my face

"Dan what is wrong with you!!just kill it !!"

That voice

That's the voice that invaded my dreams so many times.

That's the voice that rejected me.

That's the voice which still sends shiver into my spine.

That's the voice which I still consider to be the most beautifull in the world.

I lifted my gaze to see him coming towards me.

Those baby blue eyes were still the same ,cold but beautiful

His face was now thinner with a chiseled and defined jaw line.

His body was now as defined as a model and

His aura was now more powerfull and deadly than before.

I was so lost in his eyes that I didn't see but could only feel a tearing,unendurable and insufferable pain in my stomach.


Daniel screamed but it was too late

I touched my hand near my stomach to see a knife rooted into it .

On touching it's handle my hand came in contact with his hand and sparks flew from our touch.

He jolted his hand back and the anger ,hate on his face got replaced by

worry,guilt and



He asked in a low ,fearfull and trembling voice.

I was happy to see his face

He resembled a greekgod and by seeing him I saw my heaven

I just wanted to look at him for a bit more but my eyes and body was betraying me

I could feel his soft hands cup my face ,I could feel those beatifull sparks emerging from every inch of skin he touched

I was seeing pain and fear in his eyes

I didn't wanted to see him like this

I wanted him to smile

So gathering all my energy I passed him a wide smile and replied

"Hi.. "

And with that beautiful sight in front of me I drifted into a peaceful sleep.

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