Will to survive

Aaron's pov

We were heading towards the southern borders when we saw the shadow of a small figure coming towards us.

On getting closer we realised that it was Angela.

She had dried tears on her cheeks and her eyes were red from crying.

Her elbows were bruised and she had a scared look on her face.

On seeing us she fastened her footsteps and came running towards us.

In a swift movement Dan picked her up and hugged her. 

Thank god she was safe,I don't know how but she was like a magnet of love,everyone loved her for her innocence and pure heart and I was no exception.

Emma came running towards us on seeing Angela.

She gave her kisses all over her face and said soothing words to her.

Suddenly I got a mind link from the pack wolves who were at petrol

"Alpha,we see 2 rogues near the border!"

"Capture them but don't kill them ,I am on my way!" 

"I will kill these bas***** who tried to hurt

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