Will to survive (2)

Aleka's pov

They say death is peaceful but what I am seeing right now is absolute and complete chaos. 

Scream of people can be heard,dead bodies are lying all around me,the only colour I can see around is red.

This looked like the doomsday with bloodshed all around.

Sky is covered with dark clouds and thunder is striking the sky making it look like the moon godess is showing her anger on seeing this bloodshed.

I was standing in between all this, wearing white clothes but there was not even a single drop of blood on me.

What is this?

Where am I ?

People say we are afraid of the fear of death but not of death .

They say death silences all your pains,clears all your worries and seizes your struggles.

It brings peace.

But seeing everything around me,it's either that what people say is wrong or I am not dead yet.

Then in the centre of this hell I saw him.

The wolf with red eyes and jet b

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