Stay Order

Today was my second day here in my old pack.

The thing I loved the most here was

The soft mattress

I leterally slept like a baby on it

Sleeping on those hard grounds made me foget what the comfort of a bed felt like. 

So here I was laying on the bed

Surrounded by my hug buddies aka my pillows

Looking at the ceiling deciding what to do today.

The Alpha passed a stay order on me so I had no choice but to stay here.

But I will only listen to his order untill my wounds recover.

On getting recovered I will break all his orders and will leave like a free bird breaking  through it's cage.

So for today I decided to visit my favourite place

After getting ready I walked down the stairs to see some pack members having breakfast

There were just 20 members sitting at the table whereas the pack consisted of nearly 1500 members.

After all ,this was the strongest pack in the world with the largest ar

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