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The gamma said

And I went inside the circle

Fate plays a very fair game.

I must admit this today

Because my opponent was none other than the same boy who defeated me here at the same place 5 years back

He still had that smirk on his face

And today i'll be more than happy to rub it off from his face

I smiled on seeing him and place my hands inside my track pant's pockets

The fight was going to start in next 3 seconds and everyone was staring at my hands in my pockets

Is she going to fight like this?

Is she insane!

Jake will beat her to pulp today!

Does she have a death wish!

Their worries were normal but they didn't knew that I was not normal.

I was exceptional




The bell rang and Jake tried to attack me with a punch directed to my face.

I dodged him effortlessly stepping to my left

He got agitated and tried to side kick m

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You go girl!!!!

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