I hate that I love you.

Meeting room

Royal moon pack

"Good evening everyone!Today I have gathered you here to tell you all a good news!"

The old man who was the earlier king of this kingdom started.

"You all wanted a queen to stand here by the side of my son who is the Alpha king ,well I am more than happy to inform you all that my son has chosen his queen and she is someone among you all"

"She may not have Alpha blood in her but she is a very powerful warewolf and you all already love her for her personality"

His gaze shifted towards his son Aaron who was already staring at him with an emotionless look.

"The future queen of warewolves will be Jane Augustus,if anyone has any objections they can state it now or they can stay quiet for the rest of their lifes,


An elder lady of the pack objected

"I don't think they are mates,shouldn't we try to find our Alpha's mate?"

This was expected but the previous Alpha king dreaded t

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