Blame me ( 1)

Today a meeting of neighbouring 7 packs was going to be held in our territory.

Alphas and their members were arriving 

And here I was sitting under the table of the meeting room deciding if this was a good hideout or not.

This room was soo big but there was not a single place where I could hide without the fear of getting caught.

This was the best place I could find.

So hey don't judge

I wanted to attend this meeting when I came to know it's purpose

This was a perfect opportunity to find out those rival packs which are claiming to be our friends but are planning an attack on our territory behind our back.

The biggest advantage I have here is my lack of scent

They wouldn't be able to find me unless I committed a mistake

Heavy footsteps started entering the room and soon chairs scrapped the floor and all 15 seats around me were filled .

When all settled down the meeting started

"Good morning Alphas ,the

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