Strike of thunder(2)

Ezra's pov (the thunder wolf)

He was not an ordinary wolf, he was a fire elemental .

Flames of fire were all around me and my thunder was dying down because of exaustion

I never thought moon goddess made someone similar to me but today I was seeing the similarities

He was as strong as me with those powerful blows and burning flames

He could produce fire with his hands like I could create thunder with my mind.

Yes mind,I send electronic signals to my brain which further intensifies them and sends them upwards with 100 times stronger wavelength and amptitude and that's how my mind controls this storm and thunder.

I saw a white wolf with royal marking on his forehead fighting along with me, defeating the guards of this red eyed wolf.

I felt elated

Elated to see my mate after so long and I must admit he was a complete contrast to me with pure white fur .

He was truly the most beautiful wolf I had ever seen in my life.

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Linda G
what the absolute f$ck? so much of this destruction could have been avoided if Aleka let Ezra out earlier. Aleka was part of the problem. smh

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