Council's final Verdict

A deadly silence engulfed the court room as the king's relation to the black haired beauty got revealed.


That's what they were.

And on knowing this the tongues of many badmouthed haters got trapped.

Not daring to speak evil about someone who meant so much to their king.

"Yes,she is my mate and your Queen

But disregarding our holy bond I am willing to punish her if she is at fault here.

Justice comes above everything for me and you all know this really well!

But before I punish her I need strong evidence against her,either for or against her!

So I would like to call upon few members of my pack who have witnessed everything with their own eyes"

Aleka refused to meet his eyes as he spoke against everyone for her.

She knew he will not stop at anything now

He will throw his cards one by one to reveal the truth about every single thing

And that's what he did.

For the next 30 minuted evidences

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