Bad times linger on while good ones blurr away,

The 1 year in prison for Aleka felt like forever.

But once the good times came her memories of bad times got washed away

She was now at the highest rank given to any warewolf female .

The Queen

She was respected,loved and adored by all.

Some even raised her to the rank of their hero.

She supported her King in all his unravels.

They were considered the best king and Queen any warewolf could wish for.

Not only because of the justice they served but also because of the love they had for each others.

They were an epitome of the fact that love has no boundries and is possible anytime,anywhere with anyone no matter you are a human or a werewolf.

Their love showed the world that love goes beyond scarred arms and ugly marks.

It lies in the eyes of the beholder  who sees a hidden diamond even in a black rock. 

Their love showed the world that with time yo

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