Chapter 45: Four Three One


"This will be our last duel, don't hold back and give all your strength to defeat me," Xian challenged and stood in a combatting position.

Kasalukuyan kaming magkaharap at nakatayo sa loob ng boxing ring. Habang nakatingin sa isa't isa ay bahagya akong naghanda sa pag-opensa. This is the last day and will be the last part of our training, our last sparring and this time I'll make sure to pay him back!

He looked directly into my eyes and initiated the first attacks. His movements are quick as usual but I tried to keep up my defense. Until I made the counterattack and threw an elbow strike which he failed to ward off.

Sandali siyang napaatras at malawak pang napangisi sa akin bago muling pumosisyon. He almost diverted my attention when he smirked but I instantly threw punches at him. I alternately made a cross blow and hook then switched to an uppercut with full force. I hit his chin and abruptly struck a kick to his stomach.

"You sure know how to hold a grudge," he comme
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