The Forbidden Daffodil
The Forbidden Daffodil
Author: Irene Davison (Esperanza)


New York City, United States

"Roses are red, the sky is blue;

Let me tell you, what a shit are you."

"How are you, man? Hope you are enjoying your time seamlessly."

A phone call made at a very late hour of the night put everyone on high alert. Every single person in the mansion got their asses on fire. Security was doubled at every corner of the property making it look like a customized high-security zone. A man pacing inside the main hall stopped on his track when he heard footsteps behind him. 

"He would be coming down at that point of time." The statement looked normal but only he knew what sort of hidden threat was buried inside that.

"Call our men to be ready at their respective positions. No mistake can be reimbursed." A man in his late thirties ordered his subordinates while pressing some button forcefully on his phone. No other sources were reachable at that time. Out of ten zero backup responses he had gathered. If the situation went on like that no way he would be able to face the upcoming storm. 

"Why are you thinking about the attack in the first place? He might be just visiting as usual." Anthony tried to remove some sort of pessimistic ideas from his leader's head.

"He is not visiting us like this only. He had his warning tone depicted in the last call. And if I am not wrong this time...." He couldn't finish his words as the rest of those untold words were never supposed to be released to anybody. Not even his subordinates until he was getting a complete upper hand in such matters.

Anthony didn't utter much as he found his leader suppressing his last couple of words making it an ambiguous matter.

"If we are clear, we don't need to worry." Anthony's one single word made the other man's entire situation worse than the real scenario. 

"Clear." That's where he might lack at this time. Pacing like a maniac in his hall he decided to move inside the security room to check the final arrangements.

12 o'clock Midnight

The clock hit the number 12 making a resonating sound throughout the surroundings. Heavy footsteps started appearing through the corridor. All the security cameras pointing towards the entrance showed a massive range of armed people in black suits. 

"They are here to discuss." The main guard informed the person residing inside.

"Send them in." A voice was heard and the door opened.

A man in his thirties entered inside the hall. Two armed guards led him to the main meeting room where the matter was decided to be settled rather than the meeting supposed to be happening. Entering the room his guards positioned themselves when he took his seat.

"Where is your great leader?" His mocking tone didn't seem funny but more threatening in such an ambiance.

"He will be joining soon," Anthony spoke sitting on the opposite expecting his leader to arrive in no time.

"I don't think your leader would come out of his hole. I am sure he has left you all to rot in hell." His clenched jaw and rage-filled eyes sent uniform shivers through everyone's body who was present in that situation.

"But sir, he said that he would......." Before Anthony could finish the man replied again, cutting him in between his words. 

"He just said, Anthony. There is a big difference between saying and doing." As he finished his words a loud gunshot was heard immediately. 

A body fell on the ground while he remained calmly seated in his position. But the man named Anthony who was notified about his leader's arrival gasped immediately hearing the sound.

"Don't worry Anthony, we have just started. Hope we will finish soon." Saying so he pushed the chair to stand up and walked away from the room. 

"Boss, we don't know anything. Believe us." Anthony stated a fact.

"I know. He kept a lot of people in the dark but not everyone. Now you have two choices. Either you blurt out everything or keep counting the dead bodies." He smirked after placing his gun on the table. Pushing it to the other end he raised his brow to give his final verdict.

"Seize this mansion now. Bring out every single traitor he raised to go against me. He might have forgotten that there was always one King and there will always be one. The administration was always ruled by me and will be ruled by me." 

Anthony looked at the gun. Passing the gun in this way meant nothing much except two things. Either he had to shoot himself or let himself surrender in their hands to die being tortured if found guilty. Nobody in the world of the Mafia allows a traitor to breathe. His leader had betrayed the organization and now the Boss had arrived to acquire all such things. None could be saved rather everyone would be tortured to death.

"I know nothing about the betrayal but I can assure you my loyalty till my last breath." Anthony stood up with the gun and surrendered himself. Two of the guards grabbed him by his collar and dragged him outside the room. The whole mansion was seized by his men. Anthony looked for his leader but he couldn't reach him by any means. Looking like a lost person he understood why his leader panicked when Boss informed him to pay a visit. He knew he would be exposed soon.

Anthony saw a few of their men lying in the pool of blood. They were brutally murdered. Following this, two female bodies were stripped down naked beside them. 

"Seems like his whores have more information than his actual staff." The man spoke while smoking cigars being seated on the large couch keeping his one leg on another as a real King.

His men kept on storming in every corner to bring out documents, hidden money, drugs, and much more other stuff. One by another things were getting stacked on the main hall while the rest of the guards decided to surrender as going against the administration was never a feasible solution.

"Did you know your leader tried to join hands with Irish to take down me?" The question was a direct hit for Anthony. Though he found some of his leader's movements suspicious but never thought to hear some sort of news like that.

"We were not fully aware."

"Hope your answer saves your pretty little life." 

He kept on looking around and ordering his men to do the rampage. No one was thinking to stop killing even for a second. Few of the men were taken as hostages but again killed in a fraction of a second. He was ready to take a bath in the pool of blood. 

"We are done, Boss." His men informed.

"Set the mansion on fire." He instructed and stood up from the couch to fix the suit button before leaving. His men transported all those important things to the respective cars. He came all prepared for this attack. After all, he came to kill his long-term partner and right hand. 

Anthony looked around to see how many of their men had died including males and females. Rest were either brutally injured or held captive to bring out information. Anthony knew he was termed as the most loyal person and he was kept in the dark regarding this matter. So either he would survive or he would die. The Boss looked at him before calling out his name.

"Would you like to be burnt down here or like to join hands to track down the traitor?"

"I was always a part of the administration and loyal to high command. I did what I was told. I would follow the same." Anthony knew the entire group was betrayed and a lot of his men tasted death due to this. 

Once they were ready to ignite the fire before exiting one of the Boss's men dragged something in front of them. It looked more like a white rag when he threw the object on the ground and everyone heard a fumble shriek. 

"I found this piece in one of the rooms. There were some important files too and one small locker." The man handed those files and locker when Anthony and others' eyes landed on the rag-type object.

"Oh..." One word left Anthony's mouth as he almost forgot about that person. He thought his leader left with her but here she was left alone. 

She was lying on the ground without a single expression of pain or fear. She was looking at the man standing before her. A kick landed on her stomach by the man who dragged her down. She coughed badly and clutched her stomach but couldn't let out another whimper to reach others' ears.

"It's his whore." The man who kicked her spoke.

"No. His wife." Anthony cut him in between but immediately regretted his words when Carlos's gaze changed into something else which was not full of pity. A sinister smile appeared on his face seeing the girl lying helplessly. As Anthony was standing in front of him blocking his sight he couldn't get a proper glance. Pushing Anthony away he looked at the pale face and chuckled. 

"Enjoy the meal boys and then don't forget to cut down every part before throwing them into the burning mansion." 

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