Chapter 2

A man in his early thirties was drinking along with one more man. Three of them seemed to enjoy the moments. 

"So, what makes you come here?" Carlos was asked the simplest yet complicated question by David.

"Just to have a look at my own club. Sometimes you need to pay a visit to your properties." Carlos laughed while clinking his glass with David. Of course, he had come down to Detroit to track down the rest of the moves that were slowly chewing the lion's tail. And here the lion was none but him who had to expand his claws. Sometimes ignorance to the little irritation could cause a big headache. 

David was working under him for the past few years. It was not that hard to read through his words. There was more information in between the lines than he usually spoke.

"Sylvester had created a fuss. I remember hitting his two men yesterday." David opened up his mouth and raised his finger to the girl who was dancing on the floor. She came towards them, swaying her beautiful body and heavy ass. 

"I wonder how he could even gather so much courage to step in." Carlos gulped down the rest of his whiskey from the glass and waited for the next round.

"No idea Boss." David laughed when the girl sat on his lap to give him a lap dance. He was a thorough sex addict who never thought twice before banging a girl and knocking her out. The girl kept on grinding her body on his crotch area. She was wearing bare minimum clothes and seeing her open skin only David felt hard in his pants. 

Carlos looked at the other girl who was waiting for his approval before approaching him. David was his old pal and only he had a bare minimum right to have a friendly session with the most ruthless American Mafia.  

"Thinking of Greta?" David looked at Carlos who was busy scrutinizing the entire club. He was looking for one particular face that was missing since he had arrived. On the other hand, David thought he might be ignoring the pleasure of thinking about his engagement with Greta. Though they were just engaged, sooner or later they had to marry. Greta belonged to a family related to the American mafia itself. Her father handles Florida. In a nutshell, the couple did strike a nice deal.

Carlos was still lost in his actions when a waitress came to serve him another drink. Though she was dressed in a uniform that was prominently speaking her position, she held a nice smile while holding the drinks for him.

Her exposed cleavage looked enough alluring and the moment she extended her hand to offer the glass, Carlos touched her wrist internationally. Placing the glass back at its place turned his face to read something from her eyes. She blinked twice before going back to her previous posture as she was leaning to serve him the drink. As soon as her back got strengthened a harsh pull made her sit on Carlos's lap. A small gasp left her mouth when he settled her on his thighs making her back facing him. Slowly his hand reached near her neck and grabbed the area. Gently massaging the area he brought the glass of whiskey which she had just offered him. He brought the glass near her lips and rubbed it gently on her glossy lips. She pursed her lips tightly to ignore the glass but couldn't move her head much due to the fear.

She was feeling uncomfortable as well as scared. Her sweaty palms were fisted and placed on her thighs. The shivering didn't go unnoticed by Carlos. He let out a soft chuckle and whispered in her ears.

"Drink it."

She paused for a few seconds to blurt out her words like a scared animal.

"I don't drink sir." 

Carlos held the glass still near her lips and let out a huge sigh.

"Are you sure? If I ...."

He couldn't finish his words when the girl abruptly stood up from his lap and stood there shivering like a leaf. Her lips were quivering and her face was all red. She was panting hard as if she had seen a ghost. 

The moment Carlos grabbed her to make her sit on his lap he had his upcoming steps planned thoroughly. He didn't apply force and also gave her space to jump off. Because he always loved to play with his prey.

David's eyes stole a glance the moment he noticed the abrupt movement of the girl. The way she jumped off, it looked like someone put her ass on fire. He looked with a confused expression at Carlos and she looked at them with a horrified expression. 

As soon as a smile erupted on Carlos's face the girl turned on her heels to leave the claustrophobic atmosphere. No sooner than her one step approached a pair of strong hands grabbed her from both sides and made her freeze on her spot.

Two of Carlos's men grabbed her while Carlos was sitting on the couch in an amazing relaxed mood. He kept one leg on his other one like a mighty King and gave a beautiful yet dangerous smile to the girl.

David almost threw the girl who was giving him a lap dance understanding the severity of the matter. He straightened his spine and pulled himself up in a composed position while sitting beside Carlos. He was dying to ask the question but looking at Carlos's face he decided to dump the idea at that moment.

"Hey dear, why can't you drink?" He questioned her again, keeping a straight face.

The girl started seeing everything blurred as she found tears in her eyes. 

"I am sorry. I shouldn't do that. I am sorry." She kept on repeating the same sentence when Carlos raised his finger to stop her from mumbling like a madwoman. David looked carefully at that girl. There was nothing special about her that Carlos would find worthy of spending much time. One night should be enough for him. But why would Carlos bother about the drink that she denied in the first place? Why on earth was the girl so horrified just over a matter of drink? Almost every girl working here was mature enough to know the situation that might arise. He gave a confused look at Carlos when he broke into a hysterical laugh.

"Next time, try to play smart Baby. Now come to me." His men immediately pushed her in front of Carlos once he finished his words. She fell on her knees and looked at the man sitting in front of her. He held the power to rip her and destroy every evidence of her existence. She clasped her hands and pleaded for one last time. 

Carlos leaned towards her and tugged the strand of hair behind her ear. Lowering his mouth near her ear he whispered something which made the girl gasp. Her eyes widened and she turned her face to look at the number of people standing behind her. Taking a deep breath with her trembling hands she grabbed the glass of whiskey he offered her earlier. 

She looked at the glass and the man sitting in front of her. Mumbling one last time the word 'Sorry' she gulped down the burning liquid. It was hard to swallow the entire amount but slowly she took sips after sips. In the entire process neither Carlos broke eye contact with her, nor did she dare to look down. Even though her tears kept on flooding, flushing her cheeks, she dared not to raise her hand to wipe them. 

Once the entire amount was finished she held the glass in the same posture but her trembling hands failed to do the needful. He gave a sinister smile looking at her condition when she abruptly hiccupped. Following which she started coughing holding her throat and David tried to get up seeing so. Something was not aligned as per his idea. Carlos uttered one single word without moving his head towards David.

"Enjoy." David sat back and tried to figure out the matter. Soon the coughing reached its maximum limit and they saw some saliva mixed with some foaming liquid started coming out from her mouth. She held her throat to soothe the pain but the next moment she spat blood on the floor where she was seated.

Nobody moved from their position as she kept on spitting the blood with saliva and eventually dropped dead on the floor. The heaving of her breast stopped confirming her death after a few more seconds. The body remained motionless on the floor and none asked a single question.

David looked at Carlos who seemed bothered about the matter and asked his men to dump the body. It looked like she was just a mere cockroach who was supposed to be killed. No trace of torture, no trace of struggle, and no trace of brutality. It felt like a simple death which she had chosen for herself.

"How did you know that your drink was spiked?" Looking at the ajar mouth of David Carlos laughed a little.

"Do you think I got this easily? I f**the king earned it by himself. Nobody has offered me something on a silver plate."

"I guessed so." David stood up from the couch and walked towards the staff area and called the head staff. He came out hurriedly and bowed his head. Looking at his sweaty forehead he understood, one growling would be enough to make him piss in his pants.

"Since when you guys are giving poison in our drinks?"

The head staff looked bewildered and didn't find a proper explanation to give. He was not sure of the entire situation that had happened. His subordinates looked at each other to search for an answer. But all their efforts went into vain. Carlos stood up and flipped the body towards them with his shoes. 

Almost all the staff members gasped seeing the dead body. The head stuff looked confused looking at the body. A thousand ran through his mind when he opened his mouth to drop a note.

"She is not from our staff group. She came as a replacement for Amber as she suddenly met with an accident today."

Carlos looked and David who was rubbing his cheek too. That meant one single point. Someone deliberately sent her to attack Carlos. Someone very close was taking note of his every step. She was surely bribed to give the drink or unknowingly the drink was spiked when she was carrying it. But who would dare to come so close to Carlos knowing that it meant nothing but burning in hell?  

After a short session of killing two more staff, David cleared the area and made his way out with Carlos. The head staff decided to pay a visit to the cathedral after his life was spared. Two male bartenders were killed by David whereas Carlos remained silent. Actions speak louder than words. The way of killing was surely different when it came down to Carlos. 

If he decides to be brutal then there would be no limit. And if he decides to enjoy the death of the traitor then the result comes as that girl's death. He was a manipulative yet charming devil to push down someone to his or her death bed without bothering much. 

David had a lot of questions to ask but restrained himself from doing that. Sitting in the car he just decided to ask one simple question.

"What exactly did you say to her that she chose the drink to gulp down? I am sure you haven't said I love you to her." 

David was wondering how did even Carlos get to know that his drink was spiked. If he had forced the girl to gulp down the drink then there would be surely two strong reasons. Either he punished her for playing around or he just portrayed how brutal he could be to send a warning message to the bastard, who decided to cross Carlos's path. In both cases, Carlos won the game without even playing. He successfully killed the girl who was hired to kill him.

Carlos casually replied to David's question. Though any normal person hearing his words would surely faint just by imagining the aftermath of those two options that he gave.

"I said nothing. I just gave her two options. Either let my men f**k you or just gulp down the drink you offered me." 

"Wasn't that easy to choose?" Carlos added again with his signature devilish smile.

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