Chapter 3

Greta was pacing inside her room after hearing about Carlos. She was shocked knowing that a mere waitress dared to kill her man. Even the idea of killing Carlos is a grave mistake or rather a near-impossible task. She was hissing in rage from time to time while cursing those who were present at that time. What's the point of keeping so much security if they fail to even see such dangerous activities?

She was waiting for Carlos to return. The clock struck 10 at night when a large masculine figure entered the room. Looking at him Greta walked towards him to help him with his suit. Taking off the suit she looked at his face. His jaw was flexed but a glint was present in his eyes. That clearly explained his victory but not the portion of the win. She raised her hand to unbutton his shirt when he gripped her hand in his calloused one. Turning her body he pushed her to the nearby wall and started inhaling the scent. It was not unique but enough to make him hard. He was frustrated and wanted a bad release. Greta wanted the same. They knew the perfect string that bound them together was the lust and desires that they both held. She moaned his name when ripped her nightgown just at one go. 

"Missed me?" Greta asked in her seductive voice, bringing her ass out for him.

"No..... Just miss this thing." He slapped her right ass cheek before rubbing himself on her.

They both were harsh and dominating. None of them had ever thought of playing the role of submissive. Though Carlos knew how to tame Greta. She was always a horny one just like him. They were unbothered, ruthless, and selfish yet quite a nice pair in the world of Mafia. Carlos had never thought of love as for him the body came first. Somewhere Greta knew such things and also knew how their bond grew with time. Of course, it was evident for them to carry on with each other. He always respected Greta's father. In the world of Mafia, she was also a girl from the Mafia bloodline.

After a massive round of sexual intercourse, they both panted heavily. Carlos moved inside the washroom followed by Great. He filled the bathtub to relax. As the tub got filled he climbed down inside that. Greta took a step and settled herself in the opposite position. Both rested their heads back to enjoy the only silence between them. For her, he came back after a certain time. For him, she behaved the same way as he wanted. His one type of stress buster was lying in front of him. Opening his eyes he looked at her half-buried figure. The soap foam was covering her nudity up to her breast. No doubt she looked like a real fuckable person under his lustful gaze. Extending his hand he pulled her ankle suddenly making her dipped in the water. She gasped a bit followed by a small smirk. Crawling towards him she settled himself on his lap and guided her fingers towards his crotch area.

He sensed her actions and pulled her more to make her sit on his member. She widened her eyes and looked at him with surprise. This was the first time he was doing such things. She liked his new behavior and whispered near his mouth.

"Full of stress?"

"Only if I knew that there is a mole in my team." He rasped, biting the area below her ears. 

"Heard someone came too close this time?" She drew patterns on his chest while asking.

"Yes. Almost there." Carlos pointed to the area of his neck to show her. Greta started riding him slowly making herself comfortable with the position.

"No one has the right to come this close. Except me." She trailed her fingers on his neck and trailed them down towards his chest.

"Oh really?" He threw his head back while she was riding him with more intensity while enjoying the moments.

“Of course, Carlos. *Panting* I won't mind splitting the person into half who would dare to come that close." *Panting* “Do you” *Panting* “know” *Panting*.

Carlos held her shoulder and pushed her more on him. He enjoyed reaching a new level of satisfaction. The moment he realized his release he pushed her away to jerk it off. She groaned looking at his expression. 

"I don't lose my control so easily, Greta." He panted heavily after releasing himself but not in her core.

"I know that."

Both of them got themselves cleaned and walked out of the washroom. He was wrapped in a towel and she was enjoying licking his body with her naked eyes. 

"Stop that Greta. You won't be able to stand it if I take you again." Greta imagined the aftermath as she was already feeling exhausted and sore down there. Carlos was not the first man. He was her second but she never felt that much full after every encounter with him. He knew how to make her moan and exhausted.

She took her place on the bed and waited for Carlos to join. She will be leaving the day after tomorrow to stay with her dad. Until they are getting married they would not shift together. It was decided from the beginning. 

Greta remembered Carlos's words about the mole in the team. She brought the topic again in front of him.

"What do you mean by mole? We know Sylvester was the man doing all such things." 

"But someone is helping him from our end too." Carlos laid on his side and placed his arm on his eyes. Greta slid beside him and within a few minutes, her snoring depicted her sleepiness.

Carlos after a certain time woke up after losing the sleep of the night again. There was constant unrest that was telling him to take some steps in advance. But nowhere he was getting a single string to pull the major block. Someone somewhere held something against him.

He took the stairs to reach his built-in office room inside his mansion. Settling himself in his large leather chair, he lit a cigarette and closed his eyes. He repeated the entire scene from the club of Detroit. From the moment of entering inside the club to the exit, he played each and every incident one after another inside his mind. 

He knew something would happen. Someone was planning something big whereas he didn't know who. His trained eyes were roaming inside the club. Strippers, waitresses, and prostitutes were packed together. Everyone was drowning themselves in the pool of money, greed, lust, desires, and many more. 

His bodyguards were there scattered yet combined. Girls were looking at him with invisible saliva dripping from their mouths. He knew he held magic in his appearance. David was always a dickhead who immediately got a girl. The man was supposed to be married as soon as Carlos got to know. But till now he hadn't got a chance to meet David's girl or whore. David was enjoying dropping his head back when Carlos noticed the waitress taking a drink from the bar. He chose a place to sit not like this. He wanted to have a wider look from his position. She looked uncomfortable with the tray she was holding. Her unusual movements caught his eyes. 

Thinking of her as a newbie he ignored her in the first place. Doubts got doubled when he saw the same girl walking towards a pretty dark place with the same tray holding in her head. A dark silhouette was partially visible in the same place who seemed to speak some words. He didn't get the idea of the conversation but saw the girl nodding her head in an affirmative gesture. She walked from there to pass through a small crowd. That's where Carlos's doubt tripled. Even though she had a clear path to walk she chose the small crowd to pass. She walked towards him with the drink and leaned forward to offer him. 

The moment her face came closer to him, he read her expression. Fear, anxiety, discomfort everything was written all over her face. She blinked her eyes several times until he grabbed the drink. The dim light was not doing enough justice to look very clearly but he saw something on the black tray she was holding. There was some white dust on the black surface from where he grabbed the drink. 

Immediately she turned her heel to leave but the moment he pulled her on his lap, his body stiffened. Only a traitor would stutter or fear like that. He examined her muscles which were flexed due to the sudden change in the situation. She was gulping down hard and the moment he offered her the drink, she lost the game.

Instead of denying she could have taken a sip. But on a whole, she denied it and looked paranoid. Her every clumsy breathing and stiffness showed the budding pressure inside her. He wanted to fuck her hard pulling such stuff before killing her. But he thought of playing with her and sending a proper message to the man who dared to pull such a stance. 

She kept on denying and he kept on insisting which made one point clear. His drink was spiked. Either from the bar, or by her, or by the time she crossed the crowd. Someone from the crowd could also spike his drink when she was passing by them. Altogether the entire plan was drawn and executed by not only one but more than one person. It won't be easy to grab them. So he found it better to scare them a bit.

In this little mind game, he won. She gulped down the drink and died. No one can blame him. He gave her an easy choice. If the drink was not spiked then she would have survived. The gainer would always be him. To make things soothing he gave her an easy death. Though he wouldn't mind another option too. He would like to watch his men take her in all possible ways. 

David killed the bartender being doubtful and two more stuff. He was still not satisfied and so did Carlos. He wanted more blood. On his way back Carlos fucked one more whore and killed two men by tracking them down. They were a part of Sylvester's team.

The Irish Mafia was getting into his nerves. If he won't get the main mole, he might end up killing half of the Irish gang without any prior intimation. Just for the sake of blood war, he was maintaining himself. He knew how madly he could be drawn to blood. He was just keeping the beast in sleep mode before lashing out his brutality. He played those incidents again when a small hint took his mind. The girl on David's lap. She was missing immediately after the incident. But where would she go so fast? And why would she?

A smile appeared on his face remembering something else too. Greta was surely a nice fuck. The girl never failed to make him relax. 

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