Chapter 4

All the colors out there turned grey when he appeared. The clumsiness reached my central nervous system and my eyes bored into those dark orbs. My freedom is wrapped in a dark cocoon making the stage of life as a never-ending pupa. A butterfly died being desperate to come up with her new wings. A dream of wings crashed beneath the desires and lust. Every part of my soul screamed a single name when the body was marked as his. A dreadful memory, a longing love, a life full of spring, all gathered up to sacrifice themselves. The winter never passed away to welcome the spring. It kept on giving coldness. I kept on losing my leaves as they had dried in the hope of receiving some new ones in the future. But spring never came. I sealed myself in the dark box to avoid a little amount of ray as hoped. I fell for the darkness as they were constant. The luxury of life only brought broken dreams and shattered pieces of hope. I didn't dare to open Pandora's Box. I wasn't curious anymore because someone did that before me and left the box in my lap. The box had "Hope" too but before it could reach me, it was closed again. 

I dared not to look beyond the horizon. I stopped walking down the same path. I dared not to let out a scream. I dared not to love. I count my days the way the clock counts the time. It is bound to count, and so do I. I see the same ceiling every day but now I don't pray. I stopped praying for wellness, for the life I was offered. I stopped praying for time to pass fast. I stopped my mind, caged my soul, and dragged my body in the same prison which was offered. I expect no one to pull me, no one to push me. I expect no memories to be engraved, no moments to be blurred. Pessimistic, Optimistic, I want none of those options to come forward. I don't want my every cell to be screaming the pleasurable noise that someone could enjoy. I want my body to deteriorate more into a corpse to lose its value. But I won't pray, I don't wish. I am away from every sign of mortality that could make me look into my situation. Because I don't want to.

He entered the room dressed in his signature black Gucci business suit. The room was big enough to hold a king-size bed, a large mirror on the wall, and a minibar. It has a closet stuffed with plenty of expensive garments. The man looked at the girl sitting on the bed in a beige-colored dress. He walked towards her while losing the knot of the tie. She was resting her back on the headboard extending both of her legs forward. A light smile appeared on his face when brought himself near her resting form. She didn't avert her gaze, rather she kept on looking in his direction. He threw the tie on the couch and got rid of her coat. He walked towards the closet to keep it hanging but she didn't turn her face. She looked straight in the same direction where he was standing a few seconds back. As if he was still standing there all in his proud tall feature. Within a certain time, he came out to reach the spot on the bed where her petite was assembled. He leaned forward near her face and looked into her eyes. Moving near her ear he sniffled like a dog.

"Not even a single gasp? Am I becoming that dull, Sweetheart?" 

He leaned more and placed his mouth near her neck while licking a single spot continuously. She remained still at her position. Neither words nor whimpers, nothing came out from her mouth.

"Don't I excite you anymore? I am so hurt." He wet his lips before grabbing her face in his large palm while looking at her face.

She was looking at her with the same expression but didn't open her mouth.

"Is there anyone who is exciting you nowadays? Tell me." He grabbed her face with a little more pressure.

"No." A whisper came out making him relax.

"See, that's so easy, love." He pulled her down to hover over her body. She didn't resist but dared not to open her again. 

"I am getting bored of you nowadays. Do something love. Make me fall for you again." He rasped and pulled her dress down to expose her collarbone and breast area. Her pale skin was exciting him like anything. 

"I missed the glow you had when I first met you." Other words sliced through her ears and she tilted her head to look at him with a slight pinch of confusion. 

"Mission Successful. You still have this expression and moments left in you. Such a drama queen." He laughed like a maniac when she realized her one small action made him so hopeful. 

He trailed his fingers to her cleavage. "Beautiful" he murmured and brought out a small knife from his pocket. The moment the shining blade came to her notice, the terror came back in her eyes. Pinned down by him, she was just lying beneath his whole body weight. As he didn't hold her hand she immediately brought them near her breasts to cover but stopped in the midway only. 

"You have learned so fast my girl." He looked amused seeing her actions. She let her hands fall on either side of her body to clutch the bedsheet only. He put the cold metal near her cleavage and looked straight into her eyes. 

Struggle, Fight, Repulsion all these were some foreign words to her at that moment. It should be either his will or her acceptance as per his will only. He pressed the tip of the knife on her white skin to earn a shriek.

"You have to learn one thing, my dear. The more you shout, the more it would hurt. You should learn to cope with me." The hissing sound of his voice was more dangerous than any venomous snake. The amount of venom he had in himself was enough to kill any living being on this earth. He was something of his kind.

The flow of blood spilled through the area. He was dragging the knife a bit lower and stopped. 

"I wanted to write my name but not today." He removed the knife and kept it on the side table. She let those bedsheets go from her clutch and took some small breaths to subside the pain. 

He leaned more to remove the entire fabric from her body because he wanted her every inch to carry his marks or name. The other four hours went by with the sound of thrusting and whimpers only. She didn't beg or cry but not all her tears knew the language to stop. They fell freely with the increasing intensity of pain. 

"Slow..." She whispered the only word when he was going for the third round. But all he understood was fast and rough. The sound of the slapping on her skin made a prominent cry out of her mouth. She saw the comfortable wrapper of darkness to wrap herself once again. 

"Fucking stay awake. Don't pull such stances." He growled, slapping her on her right cheek. Her sensory nerves reacted as per his expectation and she shot her eyes open to accept the reality. The harsh reality, like the winter season, is that most of the trees accept to shed their leaves.

"One more round." Someone whispered in her mind and she found it as her inner voice. She pushed her eyelids to stay up for another half an hour. It would end with that. 

"Expectations." Such words don't exist anymore. She got her customized dictionary nowadays. He pushed herself more, making every muscle ache. Inflicting pain to her core he released himself for the second time in this process. She was losing and gaining herself simultaneously. The mess that was created by him, looked like a masterpiece in his eyes. She didn't feel the urge to cover herself. The room temperature felt dropping to an extreme low, as her body lost all of the heat. Her drooping eyes tried to look at him. 

He was raising his hand. "Was he going to hit?" Her internal unanswered question remained in her stack of thoughts. He pulled one ampule and put the needle in it. A liquid ran through the tunnel of the syringe and she decided to finally drop herself in the dark hole.

He pushed the syringe in her arms without showing single mercy. Her quivering lips only depicted the pain.

"Sorry love. Can't make you pregnant." He let out a light chuckle and walked towards the washroom to clean himself. Her sleeping figure remained still on the bed. He rinsed himself thoroughly and came out of the washroom wearing sweat pants and a polo shirt.

Walking out of the room he met the maid appointed for her. 

"Clean her and make the bed. I would come after an hour to sleep."

"Is she awake sir?" The maid asked with utmost fear.

"Do you think so?" He chuckled and left the corridor.

The maid entered her room and looked at the pale figure. She called for another maid and carried her inside the washroom. Rinsing her body, cleaning her wounds they put them on the bed. They changed the bed sheet that had a bloodstain that occurred due to her open wound on her cleavage. Those maids cleaned the room, dumped the used syringe, and made her wear a nightgown to let her sleep.

Two of them looked at each other before leaving the room. One of them spoke to another in a low tone.

"Do you know Martha, how much I want to kill her?"

Martha looked at the sleeping figure and gasped.

"Are you out of your mind, Sana?" Martha was thinking that Sana had gone mad. Who would dare to kill her? After all, she was the only thing that their boss liked so much. If somehow Boss could ever get a chance to know Sana's idea, he won't mind cutting her into pieces to feed his dogs.

"Why do you think so? Do you think I am not thinking rationally?"

"Of course Sana. You are thinking of killing someone who is the biggest possession of our boss." Martha whispered in a mere audible voice.

"And that's the reason I want to kill her."


"Death would be best for her to get rid of this burning hell," Sana replied in her almost crying tone when Martha understood the depth of her thoughts. She was indeed a deep thinker. 

"Don't worry. Someday she will be freed from his clutches."

"If she survives. I just hope she doesn’t end up in another monster's clutch."

The door of the room opened and both the maids flinched at their places. They didn't expect the sudden intruder. But whom they were fooling. Of course, the man would arrive at any point whose bedroom it was. They didn't expect what they heard afterward.

"Are you both talking about me? I heard someone talking about monsters." 

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