Chapter 5

The room fell silent when I walked in another direction. I opened the door and made my way, a fewer steps more or less in the same hell. "Accustomed" is a newfound word that became my permanent pep talk creator. I wanted to stay inside the same darkness to avoid a single ray of new surroundings. It was not pathetic yet unacceptable in my view. I was ordered to move down to please the almighty. I made my way towards the kitchen as a lawfully wedded wife. My vows remained intact in a certain way. I accepted wholeheartedly my doom along with the darkness.

"Love, are you trying to please me?" His voice rang through my ear making me stiff at my place.

"Love." A word that once showed me the best of this world ended up crashing every single sparkle of my life. "Unfair" I couldn't speak. I turned my face to look at him with the same expression I was holding for a long.

"No..." My voice always came as a whisper for few months. Maybe they are dying too after a long.

The man walked towards the petite standing in the kitchen in front of the kitchen slab. She was wearing a white spaghetti top along with knee-length shorts. Those eyes that used to have glints earlier now lost the liveliness. That is the point he hates most. She has the most beautiful blue eyes like a sapphire. And those sapphires looked like some prized possession to him. He traced his fingers on her bare skin. The shivering made him laugh. Grabbing her petite from behind he inhaled a sharp breath while dipping his nose on the crook of her neck. She didn't move from her place but released the grip around the knife she was holding to chop the vegetables.

How easily she could have stabbed him to end up her misery but chose silence for her. He let out a small chuckle watching her leaving the knife. The daring soul died in her which made him more than happy. How much surrender does he need? Wasn't that nice that she left every possible chance to harm him? 

"Love, are you trying to please me?" He asked in his usual tone. He wanted to hear her sweet tone with an affirmative syllable. He wanted to hear one word at least from her. Her tongue knows magic. He pushed her body more towards the slab mailing his body stick on her. She remained silent accepting every violation his hands were doing. 

"No..." The whisper made his demeanor changed into something more brutal. He wasn't expecting that but she wasn't sure of it too. She remembered her words from the past. She agreed on pleasing him and faced consequences of pain, brutality, and more. What she was afraid of, was not her little reply but his future action. He didn't move his body but turned her body to make her face him. He pushed her more making her balance the bodyweight by holding the kitchen slab with her hands. Her back arched as he was pushing her more and the hard slab was pressing her on her back. 

He trailed his fingers around her locks, coiling her thick locks around his fingers.

"How beautiful, they are." He murmured while continuing his actions. She didn't notice where was his other hand as the fear started building increasing blocks inside her. The blood flows triggered to reach every corner of her body. She was expecting a slap or a harsh pull. 

"Expectations." She regretted again for giving priority to the word that was supposed to be black-listed. 

"Ah......." She couldn't scream properly when his other hand pressed her mouth making her gulp her cry. Her eyes burned as the tears came out. He pressed his large hand on her mouth covering her lips and nose in such a way that even breathing seemed a hard task to perform. She couldn't move her head in fear to see the exact result of his last action. Because he was looking through her eyes with a warning of not lowering or averting her gaze. 

"Was that painful? I hope not." She screamed inside but dared not to shook her head. Neither denial nor acceptance nothing found its way to come out from her side. 

He did it. Engaging her in his actions he grabbed the same knife that she was using for chopping vegetables. He just stabbed the same knife on the upper skin of her right palm that was resting on the kitchen slab supporting her weight. She didn't expect and the moment her loud cry was about to come out, he pressed his hand on her mouth to shut that. She shouldn't say "No."

She tried to take a deep breath but couldn't help much. The area where the sharp object was stabbed started getting numb. She still couldn't steal a glance to check on the damage. Once he felt she was short of breath, he removed his hand and let her take consecutive deep breaths to stable herself. Her cheeks were red and when she finally dared to look at her right hand, another cry left her mouth. The knife was rooted inside the skin like a proud dagger. She was not sure where her right palm would have a hole or not. She lost her normal strength to move even an inch of her right hand. The blood was dripping from the kitchen slab to the ground. He seemed unbothered and tried to move out when her throat got dried. Under any circumstances, she wouldn't be able to pull out the knife from her hand if he had decided not to help.

"Please." A sob escaped when she found him going away creating a distance from her. She didn't dare to raise her stabbed hand fearing that it might create more damage. 

"Please, what sweetheart?" He winked at her standing near the refrigerator giving her a casual look.

He took a glass and opened the refrigerator to bring out some juice. Placing the glass on the kitchen counter he poured himself some juice and sat on a stool to stare at her. She was crying in constant pain while pleading with her eyes.

"Remove it...." She raised her left hand to point to the area on the right where the knife was still present. It looked like some Halloween costumes. Her pale white skin was covered fully with red. The white marble floor had a dark patch with the blood that was accumulated there. 

He kept on drinking the juice looking at her miserable state.

"Can't you see I am having some juice?" 

She knew he never liked drinking juice. He was just playing the painful game with her. Carefully with great difficulty, she moved the tiniest finger of her right hand to understand whether the right palm was having those sensory nerves active or not. But she couldn't bring her hand close to remove it. 

The blood was not stopping. It was oozing out like lava from the earth's core. She started feeling dizzy and wanted to drop on her knees. Her legs were wobbling due to standing in the same position under such mental pressure. Her eyes were about to start dropping when she found him raising from his place.

He was watching her with great amusement. The way she was crying and shivering with the continuous pain, made him extra happy. He felt an unknown satisfaction around him. But the biggest enjoyment killer was her weakness. Her eyes started fluttering and her body started dropping forward. Surely she started feeling the dizziness. But how would he let her faint without giving another sharp pain? He walked towards her and placed his hand on the black handle of the knife. Her eyes snapped open when he pressed the knife bit more in her skin.

"No..." Another shriek came out as she gained her composure back from getting fainted. 

"You don't want me to remove it?" He chuckled.

She knew he was playing with her. He was taking advantage of her helplessness. She had to bear with it.

"Please, remove it." She requested for one last time making her point clear to him.

An era of silence passed with the sound of their breathing and sobs. 

"Ah..." Her last shriek came out as he pulled out the knife from her hand and walked towards the sink to clean it. As if cleaning the knife was more important than looking after her open wound. He was humming a song while washing the knife. She heard his humming and looked at her bloodied hand. It was completely covered with fresh red color.

The last thing she saw was him turning his face towards her.

Cleaning the blood he turned his face when a loud thud sound was heard by him. Her body fell on the floor beside the dark patch of blood. He looked at his watch, kept the knife at the proper stack, and walked towards the kitchen towel to dry his hands. Her unconscious body laid there and he seemed least bothered about that.

Once he was done with his work he walked towards her lying figure. 

"Such a waste." He mumbled and grabbed her hair to yank her head. She was still unconscious so he just dropped her body on the floor again.

"Lily....." He called out for another maid who came running towards the kitchen. The moment she came inside the kitchen she was on the verge of throwing up. Her master was looking at his wife's motionless figure. The floor was having blood over a certain area and he seemed less bothered.

"Yes, Master." 

"Just clean the kitchen and take this shit to the room."

Lily was horrified. She could clean the room but how would she carry the body of another female to the second floor. 

"Master... I ..... I can't carry her upstairs and you don't allow male maids to do that."

He thought for a second before killing the little maid. He was already running short of maids due to uncertain killing. He would also not allow another male to carry her. Now for her little maid, it would be hard to carry that body.

"Clean the kitchen." He ordered and pulled her unconscious figure by her uninjured hand. He started pulling her to the end of the kitchen making her back scratched due to the friction. Lily looked more horrified seeing his behavior. How could a man drag a woman's body like a corpse? She regretted her decision of not carrying the unlucky girl's petite to her room. 

She pursed her lips but wanted to ask badly if he was going to drag her through the stairs also. Luckily she didn't get the chance to see those brutalities as she started cleaning the kitchen. 

Bringing her out of the kitchen he looked at her hand once again. It was damaged severely. He pulled her up to carry in bridal style as the bloodstain was also going everywhere her body followed.

He was more concerned about his expensive carpet than her health. He dumped her inside the room asked another maid to call a doctor to fix her hand as soon as possible. 

The maid called the doctor cursing her Master inwardly.

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