Chapter 6

Carlos lit his favorite cigarette while looking at the man sitting in front of him. His facial expression was enough to depict how scared he was. Carlos kept on looking at his face while puffing one after another making smoke rings to reach his nostril. 

"Brando, how many times do I have to warn you?" Carlos spoke in such a gentle manner that it looked like he was just scolding his younger brother. But in reality, everyone knows the meaning of this gentleness. It is just a fake wrapper of the cruelest object that Carlos can deliver to anyone. 

"Boss, we haven't done anything. The shipment was stolen midway before we could even reach there." Brando clasped his both hands together while reciting every single word from his vocabulary. One wrong word from his side can cause his death. 

"I see." Carlos took a long drag and stood up from his chair. Looking at his figure Brando tried to get up too but Carlos raised his finger to make him stop. Carlos walked towards the large window to look at the cityscape. 

"New York"

The most feared Mafia King was standing there fixing his gaze on the glass. This was the second time he lost his shipment. And now his doubt turned to be a confirmed statement. He has a mole inside his team who dared to backstab him and get into his nerves. After a few minutes, he turned his face and started working towards Brando. He saw him coming but tried to maintain a calm composer. The most difficult part was to remain fearless in front of the ruthless man Carlos. He doesn't bother about anything but money and power. Brando was looking at his every action to understand what would be his next step. He was always unpredictable and uncertain when it came down to attacking someone.

He stood straight in front of Brando with a small smile. Unable to know the future of his own life he decided to leave the place to find out about the lost shipment. That could be the other way to at least bring down Carlos's increasing temperament.

Carlos didn't utter a single word when he found his man taking a step forward and asking for his permission to leave. He nodded his head allowing Brando to leave while leaning back on his desk crossing his legs and making rings with the smoke.

Brando walked towards the glass door, extending his hand to open it. 


A loud gunshot was heard when he froze at his place, closing his head to suppress something. He dared not to open his eyes until the voice behind spoke casually.

"Did you like it?"

Brando wanted to shake his head in denial but decided not to by thinking about the consequences. Maybe the next bullet would be penetrating through his skull. This time it was his left hand only. 


That's what Brando felt as he looked. Carlos shot his left hand to remind him of the mistake that was committed. Carlos is a man with a sharp gaze and a dead heart. He doesn't bother about anything. He shot Brando's left hand just like that. 

"I am sorry Boss," Brando murmured, turning his face towards Carlos who was holding the signature devilish smile.

"Find me the shipment." 

That's all he said while Brando made his way out with oozing blood from his hand. He was a monster and no one had ever seen a single gesture of forgiveness or mercy in him.


Carlos called for his facility staff to clean the area. He looked at his cell phone and found consecutive missed calls from Greta's end. Rolling the paperweight on the desk he reverted.

"Anything serious?" He asked without uttering any welcoming words. Greta knew that he didn't like to be disturbed during work hours. But she wanted to have her share of words.

"Can't I call my future husband?" Greta tried to sound seductive when Carlos's face showered annoyance.

"I don't have time for this Greta. Blurt out what is there. Or wait for me till night if you want me to f**k you hard." Carlos and Greta's sex life was more than a movie. They didn't let a single place go without fucking. Every time he had her raw and hard, she wanted more.

"I want you to f**k me right now. But I know you won't." Greta clicked his tongue when Carlos replied in his stern voice.

"Then stop wasting my time and satisfy yourself." 

He knew exactly what he meant.

"David got married. Do you know that?" Greta brought out the news she acquired a few moments back.

"What? Who the f**k had married him?" Carlos seemed amused with such news.

"That's not the question. The question is why? As I know it's been more than one year since he has been hiding that news."

That's what Greta got to know that David was married years back but never opened up about that. She started doubting the situation with her newfound information.

"What do you mean by that?"

Greta opened up a bunch of unusual facts. She started with one statement but ended up bringing numerous branches from the mainstream. David is a person who is into non-serious hard-core sex stuff. His mansion is filled with more whores than any brothel. 

He f**ks, kill and get rid of those whores. Expecting him to get into a business-like marriage was something unbelievable. Greta got to know about the news once one of their men leaked information. That man saw David's maid cleaning some stuff and discussing something with the fellow maid when he visited. David's house. In between their conversation that maid mentioned David's wife. Now, why would David hide a piece of news like marriage if that was nothing but a normal gesture? 

"You want me to say that David can marry someone."

Carlos replied once Greta finished but Greta passed him another bunch of information.

"David surely can marry. But why would he hide that fact?" 

That's where Carlos creased his eyebrows too. Why would one of his trusted men hide a fact like that? Of course, Greta wanted to marry Carlos so leaking such news she wanted to make it more clear to Carlos. But only Carlos knew how unsure he was for a matter like marriage. 

He was searching pathetically for one particular mole who was working just below his nose. 

"Carlos. If we believe that we have one mole inside us, then don't you think since David's marriage it had all started. At least because he has been married for a year now."

Carlos inhaled a sharp breath while tapping his forehead with his finger. Every time he found a traitor he brought a living hell for that traitor. Even if it is David's wife, she would not be considered innocent too. Every single traitor would lose everything they have. And he knew how to torture every single cell. He smiled inwardly while dropping his final statement over the call.

"Let's pay a visit to his married life."

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