Chapter 7

It was dark outside. The soundproof room did justice to her screams. Every single scream that dared to invade those thick barricades died within. She shivered, being hung from the ceiling like a piece of chicken with her hands Shackled in metal chains. How far the pain could penetrate through her skin, she didn't dare to think. His growling, anger, and dirty words were everything that she could understand. 

"What did you shout in your sleep, sweetheart?" He gripped her already sullen face, digging his nails on her skin. The rage in his voice was all she found more terrifying than his actions.

"I am sorry." She whispered this time. For the very first time she dared to speak the name she took in her sleep but ended up being in a mess. What would a person do if he or she had a nightmare? People can't control their subconscious mind and they would never understand that. 

He would never know what he was doing at that time. Or maybe he understood but denied to accept. She didn't know when had slept or passed out after his wild rough sex. He never cared about the aftermath. Her sleep got broken when a huge slap landed on her face making her wince in pain. She was having the same nightmare but accidentally blabbered the name which he hated most. 

Her half-asleep body was refusing to reciprocate further when he pulled her by her hair. 

"Bitch, you dared to take his name again?" He was obsessed with her and another male's name from her mouth made him lose his temper. She crawled back on her bed to save herself. But who was she kidding? He was a monster dressed in human flesh. 

Grabbing her ankle he pulled her small trembling figure towards him.

"Oh, you want to get away from me?" The gaze and smirk were so horrific that she dared not to utter a single word. 

He grabbed her neck and pulled her up from the bed dragging her out of the room. She sensed the instability in herself. Thrashing her hands and legs she started shouting to get some help. She knew none would dare to come to this floor without his permission. Dragging the poor soul towards a dark room he threw her on the ground. Her knees hurt with the impact and she understood how difficult it would be for her to walk later.

Once he switched on the lights she screamed in horror. The room was painted red and he was holding a metal chain in his hands. He was already ready to bring every single pain for her. His quick actions made her shiver like a small leaf. Within a second she tried to push herself up to get away from the place when a light chuckle left his mouth.

"Why so hurry? The game has just begun."

He threw the metal chain towards her in a way to entangle her neck and with a small tug her body fell backward. The chain was wrapped around her neck making her inner self go numb. A dread passed through her body when he gave another pull to drag her body. Her hands reached the chain to lose the grip to a certain extent. Her slender fingers couldn't do much as he kept his grip strong on the other end of the chain. She felt clogged and her throat started burning due to that external pain. She remained still to suppress the movement that was creating more unrest in her. She closed her eyes to pray for her quick death. But the devil might have heard that too. 

He released the grip making her almost choked to death. He pulled her up, yanking her hair. She was looking with a large amount of fear and pain. He grabbed her both hands and clasped them together to lock the chain. Pulling the end part of it he pinned that to the hook attached to the ceiling. Her feet weren't reaching the floor due to her short height. She was dangling like a pendulum. 

There she saw him bringing a knife from the nearby table. At that moment she noticed the room was filled with numerous materials that could scare the devil itself. 

"Please...." She whispered as he was busy examining the knife he was holding. He looked at her and a smile formed on his lips.

"Oh, you want the big one?" He pointed to the larger knife kept aside on a table. She stole a glance of that material and immediately shook her head in denial. She won't be able to survive if he dared to slice her with that. Forget about healing from those wounds, she would surely end up in death bed if he would play with that one. But on the other hand, that would be her biggest prize possession. 


It would be more like her freedom. She would be away from miseries, pain, and so on. With a menacing pace, he walked towards her holding his favorite thing. She looked away to divert her mind knowing that she would fail miserably. 

"Are you avoiding me?" His icy cold voice added more fear to her as she decided to look at him. He raised his hand and pointed the tip of the knife on her chest area. With a swift tug, he pulled it down to shred the dress. 

"No......." A shriek left her mouth though he turned deaf ear to her. She knew he would torment her like anything but what she wanted was the end of this. He moved the tip more towards her skin to drag another slit on her clothes. This time he made it more difficult for her. Her pale white skin came to the contact of that sharp object. A red stain appeared on her body, making her milky white skin drench in a crimson flow. Her heaving chest, tear-stained face, and unstoppable cries made the room heavily scared. Every fiber of her body kept on screaming until the fabric she was wearing had been shredded completely. He showed a fake huff pointing his numerous artworks on her body.

She remained still in that dangling position knowing that she would lose her consciousness soon. Her drooping eyes made him more than angry.

"Are you planning to sleep off before completing this game? I have just started sweetheart." He grabbed her chin digging his nails on her skin, making her pout. Her neck tilted at the left proving the lesser amount of energy in her body. 

"Answer dear." He demanded words from her. Her tongue rolled out one word with great difficulty. 


Releasing her face from his iron grip he walked towards the whip kept on the other side. That was the time when she found her soul leaving her body. He was strong enough to lash out at every single strike that would be deadly for her. Above all he was angry and his anger was something that she feared always. 

"I am sorry." She meekly said to grab his attention but he seemed to enjoy her every single pleading. 

"Are you?" He asked, wrapping his fingers around the whip. She nodded her head in an affirmative gesture. 

"So let's play the game. Let's see whether you pass out early or the leather whip breaks first." 

She felt like drenching herself in a bucket of cold water. No way the whip would break first, so she would be the first person to lose herself. 

First strike and the room got filled with a deadly cry making every single part of the room shiver like hell. She took a sharp breath and looked at the position where the first strike landed. The area turned red with a small cut. A different type of satisfaction was plastered on his face. He raised his hand and she closed her eyes to accept the second strike. Another shriek pierced through the air making her ears bleed with that sharpness of her voice. She was unable to understand what else was left. Tears kept on rolling from her eyes making her cheeks soaked. He had his usual smirk on his face. 

Third, fourth,........ It went on like a never-ending number series as she lost the count after a certain time. 

"Are you not even counting sweethearts?" He expected her to count when all she was feeling was pain and numbness. After a certain time, even the pain was lost to get registered in her brain.

He kept on his assault and her cries turned into a whimper. After some moments nothing came out from her mouth as she pursed her lips together to ease the pain. Her head fell back and her body hung like a corpse. He threw the whip and circled her to examine the situation. Not a single area on her skin was free of bruises. Red, blue, purple all such colors were proudly proving his brutality. He smiled to unlock the chain. The moment her hands got free, her body fell on the ground like some rag doll.

She didn't have an ounce of energy left to raise her face or hand. She kept on lying like that naked, bruised. He walked towards her and flipped her body with his shoe. Crouching down seemed like hard work for him. She landed on her back and tried to keep her eyes open. His smirk was the only thing she saw last before welcoming the darkness.

"So weak." That was his last word she registered in her brain. 

He called out for his maids who kept running towards the room. Leaving her like that he exited the room after giving some instructions to them. Both the maids looked at the poor girl and arranged a sheet to wrap her body. They somehow managed to carry her inside her room. The moment they tried to pull the sheet away, their actions froze again. Within that short period, the sheet turned red and she lost a lot of blood. Immediately one of them called their Master to arrange a doctor.

"Sir, if you don't call out a doctor, she won't survive." That's all the maid told her master.

"Fine. I am calling." He was too irritated to call out for the doctor. He hated the fact of treating her. She could have accepted him instead of fighting from the beginning. 

"What a waste." He mumbled and called for a doctor.

After a certain time, the doctor arrived to check on her. She treated as much as she could. Looking at her condition, the doctor told those maids to take care of her for at least a few days. Once the doctor left they both got busy with their work.

Sitting in the study he was drinking his whiskey when one of his men arrived huffing like a dog. He looked a bit tensed though the situation wasn't as per his expectations.

"We have a guest Master.....and...." Before he could finish his words a loud bang was heard as the door of his study got opened. He raised his face to get a proper glance of his guest. The moment their eyes met, he felt a slight agitation building inside him.

"Won't you welcome me in your house?"

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