Chapter 8

We had our stories painted with a rainbow. We had our words coated with love and our promises made us hold each other in an eternal bond. We both desired to see the sunrise together kissing the morning sweetness. Craving each other's touch we walked towards our beloved journey. I landed in a situation where I found nothing but pain and doubt. A continuous agitation along with painful memories took up my mind. I looked at him with the same eyes I had before. Nothing changed even after all these days, months, years.

His promises didn't change. His mind didn't ask about his deeds. All we have is a legal paper in between us to carry forward this mess. A mess was created without any reason. A mess based on love, obsession, and power. I had my choice, I had my dreams. All shattered that day I lost a part of me. I accepted his decision to save what I had. As A Result, I lost myself in a dark pool where darkness consumed every ray of my soul. 

I chose to take one last chance. A chance to find what is lost. A step to walk towards the only beam of light I saw. I died every day under him in this mansion. Every room had listened to my screams, my painful whimpers. All the floors had at least a drop of my blood to paint them red. Red is the color of love and the color of pain too. I had my words with the same person whom I saw in the mirror. She looked more disheveled now. Protrude collarbone, purple bruises, dark circles below her eyes were the results of his love. The possession he held was the only soul that screamed like anything every day. Every day when he crushed me with his filthy touch, unbearable abuses, I looked around to find a single source to free myself. He didn't allow me to die after so many days. Even my death was held captive in his hand. Wasn't that the same man I denied long back? 

I denied every single right as I signed my deal with him. A death wish that never got granted. A life that was never mine. A world that I never wanted. A life that I never dreamt of. I fell on my knees for mercy but received his rejection. Every day, every time I was broken beyond repair. I lost myself again and he won. He won the game, he won me. He possessed my body and killed my soul.


She opened her eyes with difficulty as her entire body was aching beyond anything. All the cuts she had were bleeding and the dressing was not doing much. It was just reminding her about his brutality. She tried to move her body but ended up screaming in pain. A nearby maid named Carla, ran towards her to hold her with care.

"Mam, please rest. Your wounds are still open. The doctor prescribed you a full rest. You need to sleep."

She looked into Carla's eyes. She had more pity than him in her eyes. Carla looked at her situation and helped her a bit to rest her back on the headboard. She put some pressure on her elbows and raised her body with the help of Carla. 

"Carla, I want to sleep forever." Her words rang in the room like some painful lullaby. A sob left her mouth making Carla tensed at her position. She didn't move an inch but extended her a glass of water to gulp down some painkillers.

"You are becoming a strong Man." 

"Just because I gained my senses early even after his brutal tortures?" Her cracked voice came out like a mocking tone. She laughed with the same pain she held in her soul. Yes. She gained strength with time. She remembered how frequently she used to lose her senses and remain unconscious for more than two or three days. At least her body started accepting every beating, giving her some more strength to get up. 

"Mam, everything will be fine." Carla had only one word to say. Though she knew it was a lie, at least that could help her. Once a person loses hope and faith over something, the person dies mentally. Carla was not willing to kill her inner self so early. She knew her Master was a monster but she hoped for the betterment of her Master's wife. 

"Why would someone torture his wife so brutally? Doesn't he love his beautiful wife?"

"What are you thinking Carla?" Carla's daze got broken with her words. She looked at her blank eyes to form some sentences. 

"Why doesn't he love you, Mam?"

"He does. Doesn't he? Does he?" She asked both the positive and negative questions one after another. What else she could expect from him. What else could she speak in front of the maid who was wondering about the relationship that a couple like them shares. A beautiful bond like marriage turned out to be a deathly deal for her. For him? Did he lose something? Of course not. Why would he? He was always the gainer.

"Why does he keep other girls then?"

"Maybe I am not enough. I never was. I was and I am just a part of his desires." Carla's eyes widened hearing her words. She was new in this mansion. Before her two maids were killed and their bodies were found in pieces because they called the master a monster. When Carla was appointed to this job, she got to know about the fate of the previous maids. Since then she decided to keep her lips sealed. But seeing today's brutality she failed to keep herself silent. She blurted out everything that she was holding for a long. 

"Will you help me?" Carla froze at her place hearing what her mom spoke. She found herself standing in the middle of the fire. One imbalanced step and she would be burnt down. Either with guilt for not helping her or by the torturous death her master would give.

"Help... I mean..." Carla stammered looking with an ajar mouth to gulp down her remaining words.


"Mam... You know....." Carla couldn't finish her words when both of them heard a knock on the door. Carla walked towards the door to open and saw one of the guards standing there. Plodding inside the room he examined her and Carla with a scrutinizing gaze.

"Move her to the secret room. We have a guest here. Boss wants her away from the room."

"But she is injured. Moving her here and there would create more problems." Carla tried to explain the situation.

"Boss won't repeat his words. You need to reach the hall within twenty minutes after shifting her." Saying so the guard left and Carla returned near her bed with a frown. She was frustrated and angry. Shifting an injured person would take more than twenty minutes. Cursing under her breath she walked towards her to help her to get up. She somehow managed to stand on her feet with Carla's help. The moment her feet touched the cold floor a shiver ran through her body. She put some of her body weight on Carla and leaned on her shoulder. 

"Carla, help me to escape." A cracked voice came out that made Carla's breath hitch. She looked at her and nodded her head in disapproval. How would she help her to escape? 

Both of them moved away from the room and she somehow dragged her body. Walking towards the stairs she limped continuously to cover up the distance. Reaching the secret room Carla pushed the door open and helped her to sit on the bed.

"Won't you help?" She asked again when Carla saw a tear in her own eyes. Her heart cried without her own will. She looked at her miserable state and helped her to wear a jacket to stop her shivering. 

"The room will be locked by the guard as I don't have the key. Maybe you have a few minutes to save yourself." Carla didn't wait after finishing her words and almost ran towards the door to leave the room. She was afraid of being tortured. None wants to die as so does she.

She looked around the room and took a deep breath. She knew if she would die succumbing to her injuries, that would be also fine. But no way she would be staying back in the same mansion anymore. She would take this chance to try her luck. The worst had already happened. There is nothing more to come as a disaster. With some clumsy steps, she dragged herself towards the door and peeked outside. The corridor was empty. She didn't know who the guest had arrived but all she knew was that it was her chance to break free. 

Limping through the corridor she reached a corner when she heard some footsteps. His men would be coming to check on her. She hid in a corner till the man passed through the area. Without thinking much she grabbed herself to run a bit. All those bandages on her body started to loosen up as she stretched her hands and legs in abrupt motions. 

"Few more steps. Don't stop till you reach the exit." A pep talk she gave herself when she finally saw the backdoor. Luckily the guards were busy somewhere else or maybe in welcoming his "Guest." She thanked that unknown person who pushed herself through the partially opened door without making any noise. The path led her to reach outside though she had nothing to leave the mansion. She hid near the garage and looked around for something. She knew how to drive but all the cars were locked and voice-controlled. Leaning on the wall she stabilized her breathing as the pain was increasing with each passing second. 

She heard some movements and some exchange of words after a good fifteen minutes. Someone was coming in her direction. Panicking to a certain extent she pressed her hands on her mouth to stop her whimper. She knelt behind a car and waited for the group of people to pass. Four men and their heavy footsteps were heard when she noticed all of them dressed in black. They walked towards the new shining black car that was halted just a few meters away. Two of them got inside that whereas rest two took another car. One among them looked tall and masculine from the back and his voice seemed huskier than anything. They discussed something in a different language which was greek to her. She dared not to step out until both the car started the engine. 

She saw her only chance of getting out was about to vanish. Even though she was eagerly waiting to get away from this mess, her fear was not allowing her to run for help. What if those men turned out to be the same as her tormentor? What if they were nothing but some monsters like her own husband. She was thinking to at least beg for once to help her out from there. But the moment all of their figures came to her notice, she felt the same amount of fear and negative vibes that she used to get from her husband. They looked similar even though a part of her heart was ready to ask for help.

As soon as she heard the roaring sound she peeped through the corner of the car behind which she was hiding. Both the cars were moving forward when the first one stopped. Three to four seconds passed as her breath hitched and she pushed herself back in her position hiding her petite. Closing her eyes she inhaled sharply to soothe the burning pain of her body.

The fainted noise poured another bucket of water into her plan. Neither she gained the courage to ask for help nor could she manage something. Still, hope was left in her. She pulled herself up on her feet to run away following the path. It seemed like the gate was still open.

The moment she was about to take her first step someone wrapped his arms around her making her gasp. Those strong restraints felt nothing but some burning shackles around her body. As her body pressed against his broad one, a deadly whisper reached her ears. Her face lost all colors when she heard the most dreadful statement.

"Why so hurry Sweetheart?"

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