Chapter 24


I think Greta was right somewhere. Even though she had acted like a bitch, her points weren’t. Inaya had two broken pieces inside her. Benjamin and David. I am coming at the third even for a slightest second I thought of initiating something sinful with her.

“She was never yours.” Greta’s last sentence dug the deepest scar in my mind. Of course she was never mine. We never met at a ball or in the street. I don’t remember having an encounter with her in a coffee shop or in an auction as people write in novels. She was not a damsel in distress or an Innocent Virgin Girl who sold her virginity to me for money and fell in love later. How would I start a best fit story for us? There wasn’t a single common plot that could lead us to join hands together to go beyond the horizon. I was sitting downstairs with a glass of whiskey, throwing my head back on the backrest. How weird our meeting was. If David woul

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