Chapter 25

“Tell me this is real. Even for once.” Inaya’s words pricked Carlos’s most sensitive part of his heart. The darkest heart also had a sensitive spot where none could hit but Inaya did. She looked at him lying on his lap, closing her eyes. Her quivered lips, trembling eyelashes were tired to control the upcoming tsunami of her emotional breakdown.

“Open your eyes Inaya.” His grumpy tone reached her ears as she followed them to act silently.

“Good. What if I say it’s not real.” The moment his words touched her mind a whimper left her mouth as she struggled to wake up from his lap. Carlos pushed her back on the bed hovering over her. She felt scared and immediately clutched those bed sheets tightly. Closing her eyes she let those tears fall freely washing some of her pain.

“Please don’t do this. Please…” She felt her senses getting dark as she kne

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