Chapter 26

“Fuck, Not today.” Carlos cursed under his breath as his hands helped Inaya to climb down. She looked down once again and then hurriedly went inside followed by Carlos. There were not only one pair of rage filled orbs but also one pair of scrutinizing gaze too. Greta was walking inside the Mansion when her eyes caught Inaya and Carlos’s cozy moments. Anthony was also there standing a bit away from Greta but his eyes held questions for Carlos not for Inaya.

“I am sorry.” Inaya tried to speak when Carlos pressed his thumb on her trembling lips.

“Be quiet and stay here or just sleep a little.” Carlos moved inside the washroom and freshened up. Throwing a shirt on his body with a pair of new sweats he climbed down.

“Sir, Greta madam is in your office.” One of his maids informed him while extending his morning cup of coffee.

“I see.” Carlos

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