Chapter 27

Inaya remained frozen on Carlos’s chest once his words actually got registered in her head. Her body was leaned on his chest but her mind was trying to pull her away from that close proximity.

“What….” She managed to speak when Carlos pressed her head back on his chest which she lifted earlier to look at his face.

“You are not going anywhere. I would deal with David.” He assured her. Even the mere thought of letting her go with David made him insane. If she would never accept him that is also fine but he would not allow her to step in the same hell.

A trail of new found tears soaked his shirt as he placed a kiss on her head. Coiling his fingers around her thick curls he started massaging her scalp. After a certain time a knock was heard on the door. A maid pushed a trolley inside the room with two plates of heavy breakfast. Inaya didn’t expect such gestures from Carlos’s s

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