Chapter 28

A week had passed since that day. Even though Carlos made her stay under the same room sharing the same bed, yet no such things occurred. Every night Inaya tried to sleep, maintaining a safe distance with Carlos but often found herself sleeping on his chest in the  morning. He had never left her alone. A secure arm of warmth was always around her petite. She didn’t try to oppose this action of Carlos. Even though it was a sin considering her marital status, nothing was followed by the social rules inside this mansion.

For the past one week she was given a task by Carlos. He used to leave for office but not before giving her the stacks of her daily tasks. It was funny to a certain extent. Those tasks included her walking on the lawn, going out on the balcony for a while and laying there under the sun. It was hard for her to convince him that she was perfectly fine inside the room. But he considered her anything but human. So she needed to follow these

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