Chapter 2 The Gentle Maid

Feeling that Caspian’s force gradually increased, Morris could not endure the burning pain. He hoarsely begged, "Your Highness, please… Please continue."

At that time, he was not as arrogant and complacent as before.

"Firstly, bring me my mother's belongings. Especially her favorite pair of earrings from when she was alive."

"Sure! Yes!" Morris hurriedly nodded.

"Secondly, I had a personal maid, Penny. I knew that from that day onward, she was shunned into the concubine's palace residence. Bring her over. If I go to Astren, I'm bringing her along."

Although Morris appeared to agree with Caspian's requests, he secretly thought of an incomparably rancor idea. Since Caspian taught him a lesson to his heart content, then he would make sure Caspian would never see Penny again! Morris planned to kill that brat and simply found a reason to evade responsibility. He could say that Penny was long dead! When that happened, he wanted to see what Caspian would do to him!

Morris secretly felt triumphant as he thought of ways to torture Penny and vent the anger he suffered here. However, he soon heard Caspian's footsteps approaching.

"Eunuch Fischer, if I notice a single strand of hair missing from Penny when she returns, then the third request will be your execution."

Hiss— Morris instantly gasped, and he felt his heart fall to his stomach.

Caspian could actually see through his mind so quickly!

At this time, Morris felt a sudden pang of pain in his chest. Then, with a bang, Morris wailed and spat out a mouthful of blood. His body was like a cannonball, it instantly flew into the air and dropped fast as he hit the wall again. When he fell to the ground, Morris felt as if his internal organs were ripped apart, and he curled his body into a ball as his face was covered in tears and snots.

In his vague consciousness, Morris heard Caspian's walking closer.

"Oh, right. Eunuch Fischer, I don't want to see you ever again. Your old face absolutely revolts me."

"Caspian Montgomery!" Morris clenched his fists and gritted his teeth in anger. The resentment in his heart would not be washed away even if one used all the water in the world.

Nonetheless, after some time, Morris slowly released his fist and let out a sigh.

Morries deduced that he could not take revenge for this. Although Caspian was imprisoned for a year in this frightening hellhole prison, Morris only felt that he was just an ant when he was facing Caspian,

Caspian did not kill him not because he was afraid but because he was lazy.

Initially, Morris thought that he reached the top. However, the truth was otherwise. In people's eyes, he was just as insignificant as before. At the thought of this, the humiliation that Morris felt at that moment was beyond words.

With a cloak draped around his shoulder, Caspian walked out of the dark hellhole prison's entrance. Finally, he could stand under the sun again. Moreover, he was no longer breathing in the damp and rotten smell but fresh air. Caspian looked at the sky and squinted.

"Marriage of convenience with Astren? It must be Daisy's idea. I captured her capital city, so why’d she save me? Perhaps she wanted me to owe her a favor?"

After pondering for a while, Caspian shook his head and walked downhill.

The carriage waited for him for a long while.

The moon hung high, and it was already late at night.

Even though Caspian recovered his title as the prince, the newly crowned prince resided in the Eastern Palace. Besides, Caspian's status was somewhat controversial, so he would have to leave the city for Astren as soon as the dawn broke the following day. Hence, as it was unsuitable for him to pick another official residence, they arranged for him to stay in a long-abandoned mansion outside the imperial city.

Since he walked out of the hellhole prison and reached the mansion, he was only in contact with a small official responsible for his trip this time.

In contrast with a year ago, no matter where Caspian appeared, there would be soldiers clearing the way, and hundreds of officials would come to greet him. Perhaps in the whole of Salleria, only the current emperor could match Caspian's grand momentum at that time.

As it was already late summer and autumn was approaching, the air was chilly at night. In this lack of character and dark mansion, it felt even colder and uncomfortable.

In the room, Caspian soaked in a hot bath. As both his hands rested on the wooden tub, he was lost in thoughts. Suddenly, the door creaked, and soon a gentle and lovely face appeared. She timidly greeted, "Your Highness."

A faint smile appeared on Caspian's face.

It was as cynical as when he was smiling at Morris, but his smile now was warmer.

"Come in. The water’s almost cold."

"Ahh!" The young lady was shocked. She hurriedly opened the door and carried a bucket of hot water in.

However, when she saw Caspian's tub was still steaming, the young girl puffed and pouted as she glared at Caspian. "Your Highness, you're pulling my legs again. The water’s still hot!"

Through the rising mist, Caspian could see the young girl's slightly flushed cheeks.

It had been a year since they last met, and this girl, Penny, was thinner and appeared frailer than before. Nonetheless, she seemed to be taller than how Caspian remembered, and even her posture was longer. At that moment, Penny wore an emerald-green dress, appearing as if she was annoyed but happy, bashful but timid. Her budding, devastatingly beautiful temperament was starting to show, causing others to be moved.

Before that, Caspian never expected that the skinny girl he saved from the rebels when he suppressed the Northwest Turban Rebellion at the age of 11 would become such an elegant lady today.

"It's already cold. If you don't believe me, you can try." Caspian suddenly stood up from the wooden tub.

"Ahhh!" Penny's cheeks reddened, and she quickly raised her hands, wanting to cover her eyes. However, she held a bucket, so she appeared flustered instead.

Caspian did not care about her. He directly grabbed her waist and carried her. Then, the two of them were soaked in the hot tub.

Penny struggled slightly in Caspian's arms, but she abruptly wrapped her arms around Caspian's neck, tightly hugging him. Penny's body quivered, and she started crying, "Your Highness, you're finally back. I'm so happy. I thought I'd never get to see you again. A lot of times, I thought of ending my life if I didn’t get your news soon."

Caspian felt the young lady's cold body gradually warm-up, and as he listened to her mumbling complaints, he gently hugged her shoulder without saying a word.

The only person willing to stay by his side was her.

In the tiny room during a chilly night within the huge abandoned mansion, an atmosphere is known as a hick and thin slowly brewed in the air.

After a long while, Penny suddenly exclaimed and bolted upright from Caspian's embrace. Then, she stuttered, "Your… Your Highness. Please wait for a while. Someone sent over the item that you wanted. I'll bring it over right now."

"Go ahead. Don't forget to wipe yourself dry. Otherwise, you'll get a cold." Caspian laughed but not blinking at all.

That was right. When Caspian saved Penny, she was just a skinny nine years old. In a blink of an eye, she was already 14 now.

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