Chapter 3 A Mother's Note

Then, Penny hid behind the screen and wiped her body dry. After that, she changed into a clean white dress and patted her warm cheeks. Penny flashed a smile at Caspian and hurriedly ran outside. Not long after, she came running back again.

She returned with a tray in her hand.

Penny did not know what Caspian wanted, but she noticed his gaze froze when he saw the tray.

When the imposing aura earned from combating with impressive armies suddenly burst out, the atmosphere in the room instantly became rigid.

Penny could not help but shiver.

Nonetheless, it was only an instinctive reaction for her to be afraid of the fearful aura, and she was not fearful of Caspian.

After all, Penny believed that Caspian would never hurt her.

"Just leave it there. Rest early tonight as we need to leave early in the morning tomorrow." Caspian felt Penny's discomfort, so he dispersed the momentum and waved his hands at Penny.

"Your Highness, do you need me—" Penny bit her lips, and her cheeks were as red as a beetroot when she said that.

Seeing that Caspian glared at her, Penny immediately giggled and ran out. When she was closing the door, she did not forget to pull a face at Caspian.

"I knew you were only simply saying that, Your Highness. Hehe—" After saying that, Penny swiftly closed the door and ran to the room next door. Then, she climbed into the bed and curled herself into a ball under the blanket.

However, Penny felt her cheeks burning and her head buzzing. She could not help but hug her knees and thought in a daze. Caspian was really different from other princes. Usually, they would already be married and have several children. Unlike them, Caspian was still alone, and he never overstepped his boundaries with Penny. Nonetheless, he could be mean at times.

Speaking of that… Penny also thought that Caspian's embrace was really warm… Wait. Why was her head suddenly buzzing? Did she catch a cold…

Soon, the young lady fell asleep in a daze.

At the same time, in the room next door.

Caspian frowned when he looked at the two items on the tray.

Then, an indescribable biting cold filled the air in the room.

Previously, Caspian made three requests. Firstly, he wanted his mother's belongings. Secondly, he wanted his previous maid, Penny. Lastly, he wanted the weapon he used to fight on the battlefields — Dragon-Exterminator Spear.

The only things in the tray were his mother's belongings and the Dragon-Exterminator Spear.

Puzzlingly, there was only one item that belonged to Caspian's mother — an unremarkable earring. Moreover, his Dragon-Exterminator Spear was only left with its spearhead. Even the connecting areas seemed to be brutally cut off by some kind of sharp weapon.

After staring at the two things for a while, Caspian laughed. "Bullying me because my efforts had gone to waste? Well, just wait and see. I’ll take everything that’s rightfully mine back from you!”

Later, Caspian picked up the unremarkable earring and rubbed it gently between his fingertips. Shortly, he felt a faint warmth surging in his heart.

Caspian recalled that when his mother was still alive, she always told him that the earring was her most precious jewelry.

At that time, Caspian was still young, and he thought it was bizarre. After all, his mother was the emperor of Salleria's most beloved concubine. Hence, countless pieces of unique jewelry were gifted to her almost every day.

Compared to those rare treasures, this earring could be regarded as scrap metal. However, each time Caspian asked his mother about this, she would not answer him but just smiled instead. She only told him that one day when he finally wore it, he would naturally understand.

"When I finally wear it…" After pondering for a while, Caspian held the earring and raised it near to his ear. Then, using the sharp edge, he directly pierced it through his earlobe.

Caspian was expecting it to hurt, yet it did not. In fact, he did not feel any discomfort, which baffled him.

Even though his Real Martial Realm fell from the fourth stage to that of an ordinary person, he should have still felt that slightest pain, right?

As Caspian was still puzzled, he did not notice the blood seeping out from the wound on his earlobe was slowly absorbed by the bronze earring.

Furthermore, there was a bewitching and strange purple light appearing on the surface of the earring.

"What's going on!" Caspian instantly saw the strange changes through the reflection of the water in the tub.

Before he could react, Caspian suddenly felt a massive force grab his body and tug at him hard.

In an instant, his world was spinning, and he saw countless lights flashing in his eyes. However, the strange vision was fleeting and soon disappeared.

When Caspian finally regained his senses, he was shocked to find that he was in a messy world

Just right in front of him, there was a majestic tower that stood tall and upright.

It was unknown how old the tower was, but the surface was worn and mottled. Caspian was greeted with a sudden indistinct desolate aura, and his heart palpitated.

"The earring brought me here?" After all, he was a person of affairs, and he had countless experiences before this. Hence, he knew that celestial beings existed in this world.

Moreover, he heard that a celestial being could create a world from nothing and build a scenic spot for them to live between the particles.

"Was this earring given by mother a magic weapon used by the immortals?"

Caspian was feeling more puzzled.

In his memory, Caspian's mother was someone gentle and elegant. She was the beauty everyone admired, but Caspian did not recall seeing her doing any shocking means.

If his mother was an immortal, why would she die?

Then, Caspian shook his head and tossed away such thoughts temporarily. Since he was already here, he had to take a look at the place.

When Caspian reached the tower, he noticed written words on the wall next to the old gate of the tower.

That graceful handwriting was similar to his mother's handwriting!

Caspian could not care less about whether there was danger around him, and he hurriedly walked forward a few steps to take a closer look.

Caspian, my son...

In a twinkling eye, those three words brought tears to his eyes.

A year ago, when he was slandered for killing his father and usurping the throne, as well as committing an incestuous act, he did not cry.

When he was being condemned by the public, and the popularity he gained throughout the years fell to the bottom instantly, he did not cry.

Caspian was known as Salleria's most gifted and terrifying martial art practitioner, yet when he was sinisterly drugged and reduced as a mortal, he did not cry.

When he was imprisoned in the infamous hellhole prison, his eyes were not red either.

After all, Caspian solemnly believed that he would take each and every one of those things back.

However, at that moment, when he saw the notes obviously left by his mother, Caspian felt the urge to cry. He felt his eyes arm. Unfortunately, she was already gone, and he would never be able to feel his mother's warm embrace again.

His mother's gentle yet vigorous writing was in his sight, and he felt as if she was whispering to him of those words.

Then, Caspian took a deep breath and wiped away his tears. After that, he read the writing on the wall carefully.

Caspian had a premonition that this immortal's means had something to do with his mother. Moreover, his mother also had an extraordinary reason for leaving him the special notes.
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