Chapter 5 Time Warp Zone

As time slowly ticked, the blood in the pool also gradually lessened.

Finally, when Caspian absorbed the last drop of Sea-Breaker Beast's blood, he opened his eyes.

In that instant, an invisible aura suddenly burst out.

Then, he heard rumbling sounds of thunder in the atmosphere surrounding him.

Caspian jumped up, raising his hand, and gave a punch.


As if there was a sudden clap of thunder on the ground, Caspian punched through the air.

Then, he raised his foot and made a sweeping motion. Swoosh! Just like an iron whip, the air in his surroundings vibrated, and he could even see the ripple with his own eyes.

"I've only restored myself to the first stage of the True Martial Realm — Introduction, yet I can feel my strength, and the changes in my muscles and bones are better than when I'm in the second stage!"

Caspian's eyes lit up in excitement.

"Just like what mom said… My body isn’t only healed, but my strength is also quickly recovering. Moreover, I'll be much stronger than I was before! This is indeed only something an immortal can possess!"

Then, Caspian once again felt his body. Even though he could not see through himself yet, Caspian could sense that his breathing was smoother and his hearing was clearer. Moreover, his energy was so robust that he felt as if his energy was inexhaustible.

In his current situation, Caspian already exceeded his condition when he reached the peak of the fourth stage of the True Martial Realm.

Furthermore, Caspian could also feel that the blood and essence that he absorbed were still continuously nurturing his body,

That implied that despite just recovering from a mortal injury in the first stage of True Martial Realm, Caspian knew that it would not be long for him to reach the fourth stage again. Moreover, he would no longer need to strenuously train for so many years as he did back then.

After calming down his excitement, Caspian raised his head and looked at one of the corners.

There was a flight of stone stairs that led toward the second floor of the Tower of Life.

"Mother's note mentioned that this tower was prepared for me, and I should explore the Tower of Life too. Since she said that, I should take a look at what’s in store for the floors above."

Caspian walked up the stairs and saw the stone gate leading to the second floor. It was still closed.

There was a seal above the stone door, and it said, Accessible for the first stage of True Martial Realm.

It was his mother's handwriting.

"It seems that each floor of the Tower of Life has a requirement. As long as I reach the stage, I can enter the floor." Caspian pondered upon it.

"Based on my understanding, after the True Martial Realm, it’ll be the Pulse Control Realm. Since there are five stages to True Martial Realm and three stages in Pulse Control Realm, the Tower of Life should only have eight floors. However, when I looked at it from outside, the tower appeared to tower into the sky. It didn't seem to have only eight floors. Nonetheless, since mom was celestial and possessed their power, her strength was incomparable to True Martial Realm and Pulse Control Realm. In this world, they’ll surely be a higher realm than Pulse Control Realm. It's just that my knowledge and experience are lacking as I live in Salleria. "

When Caspian finally understood that, he did not hesitate further and directly reached out to remove the seal on top of the door. Then, by just exerting a slight force, he pushed the door open.

However, the second floor of the Tower of Life was completely different from what Caspian had imagined.

He initially thought that powerful martial art skills were kept here, or even impressive weapons of the gods were stored on this floor, yet he was greeted with an empty and spacious room.

"It's empty?" Just as Caspian was puzzled, he saw the writings on the walls opposite him — Time Warp Zone.

These three words had a disdainful taste to them. It was as if it had the power to control every life force in the universe. When Caspian glanced at it, he instantly felt nervous.

Nevertheless, Caspian still suppressed the imposing energy and walked forward to take a closer look. Then, he saw a row of tiny inscriptions beside the three words.

"A day in this room equals three days in the mortal world."

The meaning of the row of words was unmistakable.

"A day spent in the mortal world is three days in this Time Warp Zone. If that's the case, then won't the time training here be three times more than an ordinary person?" Caspian instantly thought of the crucial point, and he could not help but be surprised.

Since he entered the Earrings of Echo, Caspian saw many wonderful sights that he had never seen before.

This remarkable power could slow down time and open his eyes.

"I wasted a year in the hellhole prison, yet in this Time Warp Zone, I have hope to make up for the lost time!" Caspian was extremely excited, and he could sense his mother's effort and intention.

Moreover, Caspian even had a faint feeling that his mother seemed to have predicted the treatment he received before. Hence, she left the two treasures, Earring of Echo and Tower of Life, for him. This way, Caspian could overcome the hardship and bring himself up a notch.

When he found out about the second floor's function, Caspian wanted to look at the third floor. However, just as he expected, Caspian could not open the stone door as with his current realm stage.

The third floor would require him to attain the second stage of the Martial Realm before he could enter.

Nonetheless, Caspian was not in a hurry either. As he had just absorbed the essence and blood of the Sea-Breaker Beast, his body healed and strengthened itself. Besides, he could train at the Time Warp Zone in the future. Thus, Caspian was sure he would open the entrance to the third level in no time.

After understanding all of these, Caspian suddenly had an epiphany. "I've been in the Earrings of Echo for a while now. I can't let anyone find out about this huge secret for now! However, it's easy to get in here, and I know the method for that… but how do I get out?"

Just as Caspian was puzzled, the thought of going out appeared. He suddenly felt that familiar force sweeping over him again.

The next second, his body shook, and Caspian realized that he was back in the room before this.

Furthermore, he was still soaking in the tub, and the water was still warm.

Caspian rubbed the Earrings of Echo on his right ear, and his eyes glistened. "Now that I have this precious thing, I won't waste it! Training starts tonight!"


At this moment in the imperial city of Salleria, the candlelights flickered in a hidden place within the crown prince's Eastern Palace, lengthening the two people's silhouettes.

A young man who somewhat resembled Caspian was wearing an embroidered robe, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the room.

In front of him, there was a lanky person in a black robe who stood there in silence.

If it were not for his chest moving faintly, the man in black robe could be easily mistaken as a statue.

The youngster who was now the crown prince was holding a brush and ink, wielding and writing. On the other hand, the man in a black robe was not saying a word.

After some time, as the youngster, Caspian Montgomery, finished his last letter. He raised his head with his eyes twinkling, looking at the man in a black robe and asked, "Teacher, what do you think of my writing compared to Caspian's?"

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