Chapter 6 Demon Python Form

The teacher Carson mentioned slowly made his way forward.

Even though the flames of the candles in the room were not swaying, the darkness seemed to have replaced the light.

Carson's expression remained unchanged, but his pupils were slightly constricted.

After a while, a raspy voice sounded from beneath the black robe, "Your handwriting has innumerable twists and turns. Moreover, the Yin energy’s denser than the Yang energy."

Carson laughed. "Teacher, you could've directly said that I'm an overthinker and also a shrewd."

The man in a black robe scoffed, seemingly agreeing to Carson.

Soon, the smile on Carson's face gradually disappeared. Next, a ruthless expression that did not match his age suddenly appeared between his eyes. His voice seemed colder as he uttered word by word, "However, don't you forget, teacher. I'm the one who's residing in the Eastern Palace, and I'm also the one who has obtained the great opportunity. On the other hand, death is knocking on Caspian's door!"

Carson's body slightly trembled as he said that. A faint black mist started to surge from his back. It was as if they formed into countless tentacles, and its sight would make anyone's hair stand on end.

"Have you planned it well?" The man in the black robe calmly asked as he turned a blind eye to the changes in Carson's body.

"Everything’s in control." Then, Carson blinked hard, and he withdrew the black mist back into his body. Next, he chuckled. "I wonder what the Princess of Astren’s thinking. She wants to arrange a marriage of convenience with Caspian. Nonetheless, it'll be good too. I've been finding ways to get rid of him, and now that he can finally leave Salleria, we shall let him die on his journey there. This way, I'll be free from worries. However, the only person I'm worried about is that brat, Camille. Will she come between my plans?"

After pondering for a while, the man in the black robe answered, "I doubt that Princess Camille will interrupt your scheme."

Carson's eyes lit up, and his gaze was profound as he looked at the candle flame in front of him. "Since you said that, I can’t be rest assured. Caspian… I bet he’d never dream that the journey ahead of me will be a longer one than yours! My innate Demon Phyton Form alone is incomparable to you, who's only a martial art genius!"

As he spoke, his expressions were hard to tell under the swaying candle flame. If one looked at him absent-mindedly, they would see as if Carson's head turned into a giant python's head, and its forked tongue flicked rapidly.


Just as the dawn broke, two carriages with dozens of guards appeared on the road outside Salleria's imperial city. This would be the team accompany Caspian to Astren for the royal intermarriage.

Not only was there no grand style, but even the guards responsible for escorting Caspian appeared unwilling.

After all, who would not be aware that Caspian was a criminal.

If it were not for the emperor's order, none of them would be willing to escort this man on an arduous journey to a faraway place for three months.

Caspian sat in one of the carriages as he sat cross-legged, concentrating on his meditation with his eyes shut.

After discovering the Earring of Echo's hidden secret yesterday, Caspian did not waste any time and trained hard all night in the Tower of Life.

As he absorbed the Sea-Breaker Beast's blood and essence, Caspian's body recovery was unbelievable. Even if he was exhausted, he just needed a short nap and would be full of energy again.

Furthermore, despite only training for what seemed like a night, due to the Time Warp Zone's effect of one night equaling three nights and Caspian's physical trait that almost needed no rest, his cultivation was perhaps better than other's five nights of training.

Now, Caspian could feel that his qi was aligned and blood was thick again. Moreover, his muscles were once again filled with the strength that he once had.

At this time, Penny, who looked outside with her head out of the carriage window, came back in. Then, she carefully tidied up the curtains, curled up, and sat next to Caspian. With both hands on her cheeks, she appeared troubled.

Caspian glanced at her and asked, "Are you feeling reluctant?"

Penny raised her head and stared at Caspian. "No, I'm not. I'm your person, so where you go, I'll follow you, Your Highness. I'm not reluctant, and it's just that —"

Penny's voice suddenly turned softer, and she began to tear up. "I just feel that it's unfair for you, Your Highness. I know that you're innocent, and those people are spurting nonsense."

"Then, just let them be."

When Penny heard his answer, she was stunned, and she saw that Caspian was smiling at her.

"Penny, I only have you by my side now. As long as you trust me, I don't care about what other people say."

Those words seemed to have struck Penny's heart.

The young lady's eyes instantly flickered with surprise, bashfulness, doubt, confusion, joy, and such emotions. Then, the next second, all of the feelings turned into tears, and they were streaming out of Penny's eyes.

"I'm not crying. I'm just thrilled." Penny wiped away her tears in embarrassment. Then, she sniffled. "Your Highness, we’ll never be apart ever again. I want to serve you for the rest of my life."

"It's a deal." Caspian nodded and chuckled.

Caspian felt sorry for the brat.

Then, he put his arm around Penny's shoulder and pulled her closer. "Don't worry. We'll come back again in the future."


Caspian showed a faint smile. "I want to come back… and conquer this place."

When Penny heard the last few words, she was stunned, and her cheeks flushed as she secretly looked at Caspian.

There was no resentment and indignation on the young man's face even though he was chased out of his homeland. Caspian appeared to be in high spirits and confident.

In an instant, Penny was filled with happiness.

Caspian did not change at all, and this felt great.

At this time, a man's voice sounded from outside the carriage, "Your Highness, please get off the carriage for a moment. A court eunuch is here."

Penny's body slightly tensed up when she heard that someone from the palace was there.

Nonetheless, Caspian put away the smile on his face, patted Penny, and got off the carriage.

Next, he saw a court eunuch approaching him with a long item in his hands.

It seemed that Morris's tragic end yesterday had spread. When the eunuch saw Caspian, he immediately smiled widely, showing off his pearly whites.

"Your Highness, Princess Camille especially requested me to pass this item to you. Thankfully, I arrived just in time and did not delay your journey." As the eunuch said that, he offered the items to Caspian with both hands.

"Camille asked you to come over?" Caspian sneered.

Seeing Caspian's expression, the eunuch instantly became nervous, and he stuttered, “Yes… That's right… Princess Camille especially reminded me that I must personally pass this to Your Highness."

"Back then, she was almost defiled by me, yet she still remembers to send me off today. What a troublesome thing. Let her know that I've accepted the item," Caspian calmly replied.

Noticing that Caspian accepted the item, the eunuch was relieved.


Just as the eunuch was at ease, Caspian suddenly spoke up again, causing him to be anxious again.

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