Chapter 7 The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon

The eunuch waited for Caspian to continue his sentence, but he did not say anything. That made the eunuch break out in a sweat.

Then, the eunuch gathered his courage and secretly took a peek at Caspian. However, he was not even looking at him. Instead, Caspian looked at the tower in the distance.

"Tell her that if she does this again, and if she's within ten kilometers of me, I'll chop off her head." Caspian let out cold laughter, turned around, and got into the carriage. He did not show himself anymore after that.

"Yes! Surely, Your Highness!" The eunuch was shaking like a leaf in the hurricane. He instantly knelt and repeatedly kowtowed. Then, after getting Caspian's permission, he hurriedly rode on his horse and left.

At this moment, on the tower opposite Caspian, a pale yellow silhouette hid behind a pilaster, secretly glancing in his direction.

The silhouette had a curvy outline with an alluring grace. Her fine black hair fell on her side, emitting light luster.

Even though the lady was covering her face with a thin piece of cloth, one could still see the almost perfect lips.

Her eyes were full of affection. It was as if there were ripples in them, and anyone who saw them could not help but drown in them.

"Caspian’s so mean! He's still threatening me at such a time. Nonetheless, since he had accepted the Meteorite Sword, it proves that he still cares about me." Camille Montgomery lightly bit her lower lip behind the veil as she uttered words that sounded annoyed but happy. Her voice was charming, and anyone that heard it would be melted.

Once again, she turned around and watched in the direction of the carriage which had long started its journey. At this moment, the light yellow silhouette appeared lonely and frail as it stood among the tall walls.

"God knows when we can meet again after this parting. Caspian, you must stay alive. When I have the chance, I'll surely visit you, and you'll be surprised!" Camille turned around and disappeared among the walls as if she was never there.

The whole group headed west for more than a month.

The group consisted of two carriages. One of them provided Caspian and Penny a place to rest, and the other was loaded with rations and valuables. Other than that, 17 cavalries were escorting them.

The town guards provided the supplies needed by these cavalries along the way.

Even for a regular merchant transport of goods, the troop looked pathetic, let alone for the royal intermarriage between two countries.

Nonetheless, Caspian was aware that the guards' feelings were complicated.

Firstly, Caspian used to be Salleria's gifted prince, and he was the youngest and most prestigious general in the military. Not only did he get rid of the traitors and bandits within their country, but he also fended off the enemy outside the country, and the war fought brought Salleria to the peak of its reputation since it was founded.

However, Caspian was also the same prince trying to usurp the throne and killed his father. There was even a rumor spreading that he was a beast that wanted to defile his sister. If one encountered such a messy situation, they would usually be slashed thousands of times and executed.

Due to these complicated emotions, the guards were neither respectful nor disgusted at Caspian during their journey so far. It was just as if they only had an employment relationship. Whenever they communicated, it would only be for official matters such as where they arrived and where they were heading next.

Usually, while they were resting midway, Caspian would stroll around nearby, and these guards could not be bothered about it either.

At night, when they stopped at the tavern, the guards did not care about Caspian at all. Perhaps even if Caspian went out the whole night and did not return, they would not know about it too.

To some extent, it felt as if the guards were hoping Caspian would sneak away. Then, they could return and report their completion of the mission earlier.

After all, these guards were no fools. Even though the trip was supposedly for royal intermarriage, with Caspian's position in Salleria coupled Salleria's strained relationship with Astren, it was better to say Caspian was exiled and sent to death. As for whether he arrived at Astren, or where they stopped, no one cared about it.

The guards' relaxed attitude provided Caspian with tons of conveniences.

After a few days of probing and ensuring that no one would monitor him at night when they reached the inn, Caspian waited until Penny finished serving him washing up. Later, he stayed in the room alone and entered the Time Zone Warp on the second floor of the Tower of Life.

Caspian practiced all night long until it was almost dawn. Then, he would come out.

In the daytime, Caspian meditated in the carriage to recall the combat movements that he cultivated before. He constantly practiced and imitated the actions in his mind.

As such, after a month, Caspian quietly returned to the second stage of the True Martial Realm — A Step Forward.

Despite only being in the second stage, Caspian believed that he could compete with anyone of third stage True Martial Realm in terms of strength.

As for this secret, Caspian had not told a single soul. Moreover, none of them seemed to notice anything. Even Penny was unaware, let alone those guards.

Hence, in everyone's heart, Caspian was still the desolate prince who was imprisoned for a year, and his strength was as weak as an ordinary man now. None of them realized that in just a month, Caspian's body went through incredible changes.

Since he reached the second stage of True Martial Realm, it implied that Caspian was able to open the seal to the third floor of the Tower of Life.

Thus, after the surrounding was quiet, Caspian got into the Earring of Echo and entered the third floor of the Tower of Life as he wished.

The third floor was similar to the Time Warp Zone's stone room on the second floor. However, there was a booklet placed in the middle of the room.

The booklet appeared aged, yet it was still clean and unstained.

Caspian lifted the book and saw a line of vigorous and powerful words written on the cover at a glance — The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon.

"It's a combat skill!" Caspian was instantly excited.

Since knowing the Tower of Life was an immortal means, Caspian hoped to get exercises and combat skills here.

After all, the immortals' exercises and combat skills would surely be more powerful than those passed around in the mortal world.

Now that he found a skill, Caspian excitedly flipped the pages.

Caspian thought there would be obscure and incomprehensible text or intricate pictures in the booklet, but in the end, a white light appeared.

This ray of light directly formed a bright curtain in front of him.

Just as when Caspian was marveling at the immortal means, a figure appeared among the bright curtain.

The next second, this projection began to showcase the moves for The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon.

Each movement and pattern could be seen from every angle. In an instant, Caspian was captivated, and he started to study them carefully.

Caspian was a gifted child with excellent comprehension skills. Otherwise, he would not have reached the stage where most ordinary men could not attain even if they tried their whole life.

After receiving the Sea-Breaker Beast's essence and blood, he achieved a state of extreme concentration that was hard for ordinary people to reach.

Therefore, at that moment, combining the guidance of the great teacher in the form of light and shadow, Caspian only felt overjoyed which caused his eyes to light up.

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