Chapter 8 Outside the Border

Caspian was dripping with sweat in the Time Warp Zone on the second floor of the Tower of Life.

He twisted his waist like a stretched bowstring, and as he was full of stored energy. He suddenly rushed forward, causing the air to be filled with oppressive ear-piercing explosions.

The next second, Caspian extended his hands and the air around him vibrated as if it were a vicious and boiling liquid.

"The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon!"

With a roar, Caspian's fingers turned into claws. Then, just like a dragon rushing to the sea, Caspian ruthlessly grabbed the statue's head right in front of him.

As if the statue's head was made from gelatin, Caspian's fingers easily pierced through it.

Next, Caspian whistled softly, and immense energy suddenly surged out from his arms.

A series of crackling sounds came from his arms, and the majestic power swiftly reached his palms and fingers.


With the loud sound, the statue's head was instantly exploded into pieces, leaving only a bare neck.

Seeing this sight, Caspian smiled in satisfaction. Then, he dispersed his power and sized the statue up and down.

Caspian sighed. "Based on normal circumstances, a person in the second stage of the True Martial Realm — A Step Forward, can leave handprints on the stone. But, when I put The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon to use, I can blow off the statue. The martial art skills passed on by the immortals are surely outstanding."

Caspian estimated that even though he restored himself to the second stage of the True Martial Realm, he was comparable to the third stage — Small Achievements.

However, The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon was powerful, but the more Caspian practiced it, the more he felt mysterious about it. It was as if what Caspian managed to show was only the surface of the skill, and greater power and bigger secrets were waiting for him to discover.

While he was resting, Caspian seized the chance and took out the booklet. Then, he let the silhouette inside projected, showing himself the movements a few more times as Caspian wanted to correct the flaws he did in his practice.

After a short break, Caspian practiced The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon a dozen times. The statues that were exploded from his skills all fell on the ground at crazy angles.

Nonetheless, Caspian just needed to pat a bump on the wall. The statues on the floor melted as if they were wax, slowly seeping into the floor.

When the statues disappeared, the surface was once again clean and solid. It was as if nothing had happened before.

This was also the secret that Caspian found out recently.

The Time Warp Zone on the second floor could not only stop the outside world's time, but it could also form a small world. That provided statutes according to Caspian's needs for his practices.

After practicing, he would only need to press the gear on the wall. The statues would be automatically cleared. It was simply convenient.

Caspian finally mastered The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon after a few days of hard work. Then, estimating the time, Caspian knew that there were about two hours more to dawn. Hence, Caspian took out the Meteorite Sword that Camille asked the eunuch to pass him when he left the imperial capital.

The Meteorite Sword was initially the sword that Caspian used on the battlefields. Nonetheless, Caspian much preferred the Dragon-Exterminator Spear to annihilate the enemies. Moreover, long weapons were more advantageous than short weapons on the battlefield. Therefore, Caspian did not use the Meteorite Sword often.

Nevertheless, Caspian was equally excellent with spears and swords.

Thankfully, Camille sent over his original sword. Otherwise, Caspian would not have accepted it.

When he drew the sword out of its sheath, a sudden dragon's cry rang, and a flickering cold light flashed along the blade, blinding Caspian's eyes.

Caspian slashed forward, hacked downward, stabbed, slashed backward... The glowing sword danced in the Time Warp Zone.

Even though Caspian's swordsmanship did not have fancy moves, he did train on the battlefields, and each move was fatal and dreadful!

Following his practice, the atmosphere in the Time Warp Zone became somber. It was as if every move drawn would reveal a harsh killing intent.

The group headed west for another ten days.

Since they left Salleria's imperial capital, they traveled to the west for almost two months.

The scenery along the way had gradually turned from pleasant country view to wild, mountainous scene.

Everything appeared so desolated.

Seeing the scene, Caspian knew they were not far away from Salleria's border.

After crossing the border, they needed another three more days to reach Astren's territory.

For the past few days, Caspian practiced harder on his swordsmanship and The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon.

Besides nighttime, as long as he had any alone time in the day, he would enter the Time Warp Zone. Even if he could only cultivate for an hour, he would treasure the chance.

Hence, besides refining The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon, Caspian also reached the peak of the second stage of True Martial Realm. He was only a step away from entering the third stage.

Caspian practiced harder as he wanted to reach the third stage of True Martial Real again, and he would finally be able to up another floor of the Tower of Life. Of course, there were other reasons too.

Another day passed. In the morning, the guards' leader met Caspian to inform him that Salleria's border was another 20 kilometers away. After they passed the border, they entered an unclaimed territory between Salleria and Astren.

Caspian went through this path when he led the army to attack Astren. Thus, he did not comment on anything and just let the leader proceed according to the plan.

Caspian quietly grabbed the Meteorite Sword when the leader went away, and a profound light flashed in his eyes.

When everyone was resting at noon, two figures appeared outside the camp they were stationed in. One of them was thin, and the other plump.

The plump figure was in white, whereas the thin person was in black.

There was a pair of iron claws on the waist of the plump man in white, and the thin man had a scimitar behind him.

The two suddenly appeared in everyone's line of sight, slowly approaching them.

Looking at them from afar gave them an ineffable feeling of nervousness.

The escorting guards quickly realized that something was wrong, and they put down the rations in their hands and grabbed their weapons.

Penny also felt that the atmosphere was getting tense, and she stood close to Caspian as she anxiously watched the two walking over.

However, Caspian did not seem to notice the tension change in the air. Instead, he continued eating and did not even bother to look up.

The duo was more than 10 meters away from the crowd, but they did not seem to have the intention to stop in their tracks. The leading guard stood and ruthlessly hit the spear on the ground, making a loud bang. Then, he roared at the two men, "Stop in your tracks! We’re the soldiers of Salleria. Who are you two?!"


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