Chapter 10 It's Your Turn

"Go further behind. This will end soon." Caspian smiled gently at Penny.

Penny bit her lips, and she retreated about ten meters away.

She was well aware that with her capabilities, she would not be of any help if she kept sticking around near Caspian. She might even distract him further and become a burden as he would want to protect her.

Even though she stood a distance away from them, Penny did not have the intention to run away.

If Caspian died, she would not want to live anymore either.

When Caspian turned to look at Soul Snatcher, his expression already turned cold.

"I think there's no need for that yet. After all, I have things to do and people to protect." Then, Caspian held the Meteorite Sword in front of him.

Although his voice was not loud, Penny could hear his words.

In an instant, Penny's heart was filled with warmth, and she thought Caspian was brave.

"What a fool! Do you think you're still the same martial art genius as before!" Soul Snatcher roared and hit his foot on the ground. The huge impact made him appear as if he was a white bolt of lightning aiming at Caspian.

"Soul Snatcher's iron claws!"

With a swoosh, the iron claws slashed through the air. It made an ear-piercing sound as they rushed toward Caspian's heart, wanting to dig it out.

Caspian held the hilt tightly, and suddenly, there were brilliant sparkles in his eyes. At that moment, they looked like a galaxy.

Then, Caspian drew out the sword from its sheath, and the edge of the blade danced in a fury.

The light and air around them seemed to condense toward the sharp blade.

The blinding sword directly cut at the coming iron claw. It was a frontal attack that caused a violent collision.

With a clang, sparks flew everywhere.

Soul Snatcher was about to roar when he felt a massive strength. It was as if a ferocious tiger was charging at him violently and suppressing him.


His iron claw was chopped in half by Caspian.

"That's impossible —" Soul Snatcher widened his eyes, and he groaned in disbelief.

The next second, Soul Snatcher felt an unprecedented fear crawling down his spine.

When he raised his head, he only saw the blinding sword.

The sword's momentum was deadly, and it wanted to chop off his head.

At this moment, Soul Snatcher felt the pain of his cheek being torn apart.

Just as the blade was about to tear his cheek, Soul Snatcher suddenly twisted his body into an amazing angle.

The blade was practically swiping past his ear.

The terrifying cold made Soul Snatcher feel as if his blood had frozen, but he was secretly extremely grateful too.

Thankfully, he was a third-stage martial artist. Hence, his body could bend to an angle that ordinary people were unable to do. Otherwise, the slash just now would have directly ended his life.

At the same time, Soul Snatcher was utterly furious.

"It seems that Caspian has restored some of his ability. He hid it so well that none of us knows abou tit! Moreover, this guy dared to embarrass me. I must break his limbs while he's still alive!" Soul Snatcher's eyes glistened with a ruthless glow as he glared at Caspian.

Since Meteorite Sword could not kill Soul Snatcher, Caspian decided to change his method. He clenched one of his fists and charged at Soul Snatcher.

"I’ll break this arm of yours!" Soul Snatcher yelled. Then, he used another iron claw and clawed at Caspian's fist.

Iron claw against fist? Soul Snatcher was sure that Caspian would die.

Just as when the fist was about to touch the iron claw, Soul Snatcher was stunned.

He noticed that Caspian suddenly smiled.

Moreover, the smile made him anxious.

A very horrible thought surge in Soul Snatcher's mind.

Before Soul Snatcher could react, Caspian shouted with a voice as loud as thunder, causing Soul Snatcher's head to buzz.

"The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon!"


Next, a massive amount of energy came out from Caspian's arm. Then, as if his arm was a dragon, it avoided the iron claw, followed Soul Snatcher's arm, and directly grabbed on his head.

In Caspian's eyes, Soul Snatcher's head and the statues' heads he destroyed thousands of times were the same.


His fingers brutally attacked, and the immense energy directly pulped Soul Snatcher's head. Red and white colors mixed and formed a steaming mud that suddenly gushed out from him.

Nonetheless, Caspian did not stop. Instead, he grabbed onto Soul Snatcher's neck. As if he was a meteor hammer, Caspian lifted the body high above his head and smashed it in the carriage at the side.

With a loud bang, the carriage was ruined by Soul Snatcher's plump figure.

Furthermore, Soul Snatcher's body not only crashed into the carriage but into the ground too.

Dust was everywhere.

Then, Caspian slowly walked out of the haze. He looked at Grim Reaper and said, "Alright. It's your turn."

"You… recovered your skills? How is that possible?" Grim Reaper frowned and glanced at Caspian.

"Wait, you're only at the second stage of the True Martial Realm, so how could you kill Soul Snatcher? He's a third-stage practitioner!"

"You don't appear to be sad about his death?" Caspian noticed Grim Reaper's behavior.

Hearing that, Grim Reaper laughed. He took the scimitar behind him and answered Caspian, "Why should I feel sad? Since he's dead, the reward this time will be all mine. I can't even thank you enough! Your Highness, careful. I'm not at the same stage as Soul Snatcher. I'm comparable to your flourishing past  — the fourth stage of the True Martial Realm!"

After saying that, Grim Reaper rushed toward Caspian.

"Grim Reaper's Slashing Ray!"

The blinding knife was like snow, shrouding Caspian.

Caspian leaped, avoiding the blade. The carriage behind him was instantly cut in half easily.

Penny, who watched from afar with her eyes widened, covered her mouth in shock! She felt as if her heart almost jumped out of his chest.

The blade's ray was like white silk, sweeping through the air. Following that, the Meteorite Sword in Caspian's hand made a shocking cut.


After the intense metal clanking sound, eye-catching sparks exploded midair.

Caspian retreated about eight steps before he could finally steady himself.

Grim Reaper also moved backward about five steps. He stared at Caspian in disbelief, frowning as he exclaimed, "How’s this possible!"

For five stages of True Martial Realm, each level could deal with at least five warriors from the previous stage.

Caspian was only at the second stage, yet after this fight, Grim Reaper noticed that he only had a slight upper hand, and he could not instantly kill Caspian as he expected before.

At this time, Grim Reaper seemed to have realized something.

He lowered his head and looked at his scimitar.

On the scimitar's blade, there were a few small chips.

Grim Reaper was shocked, and he turned to Caspian's Meteorite Sword.

The Meteorite Sword was undamaged and as sharp as before.

"A rank six weapon… Meteorite Sword." Soon, Grim Reaper uttered a few words through his gritted teeth.

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