Chapter 11 Talisman of Concentrated Vitality

When he saw the chips on the scimitar, then the undamaged Meteorite Sword, Grim Reaper was boiling with rage.

The weapons for True Martial Realm and Pulse Control Realm practitioners were collectively known as sharp weapons.

Those sharp weapons were divided into nine rankings.

The first rank was the lowest, and the ninth rank was the best.

Caspian's Meteorite Sword was a rank six sharp weapon, whereas Grim Reaper's scimitar was only four.

If Caspian's ability was far lower than Grim Reaper, and Grim Reaper killed him in an instant, then the rank of the weapon would not be so obvious.

However, Caspian was only slightly in a disadvantageous position. After the fight, the rank six Meteorite Sword caused some damage to the rank of the scimitar.

"Damn it!" Grim Reaper's eyes were filled with murderous intent.

"Caspian, I didn't expect you to be hiding such a big secret. You restored your strength, but no one knows about it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter. Even if you recover, you're just a second-stage practitioner! I want you to know the difference between the second stage and fourth stage of the True Martial Realm!"

"Second stage of the True Martial Realm?" Caspian snorted as he looked at Grim Reaper. Then, he suddenly roared, and howling winds blew fiercely in their surroundings.

"What about now!" As he said that, Caspian attacked first.

The sword shone like thunderbolts in midair, forming a ray of sharp light, directly stabbing Grim Reaper.

"Third stage of True Martial Realm?! How’s this possible!" Grim Reaper's eyes flashed with astonishment and anger.

There was only one thought in his mind — He elevated his level in the battle?

However, he could not ponder this question anymore as Caspian's power exceeded those of the third stage of the True Martial Realm. He was on par with someone of the fourth stage!

When Caspian was battling Soul Snatcher and Grim Reaper, he returned to his second stage of True Martial Realm. Moreover, when he was fighting with Soul Snatcher, it ignited his battle spirit.

Thus, Caspian easily broke through the minute distance he had left to achieve the third stage of True Martial Realm.

When he returned to the third stage, the strength that he once had filled his body.

Capsian was faster, stronger, and bolder!

Grim Reaper turned sideways just and barely escaped the sword, yet soon, the blade was spinning in midair. As if it were groundbreaking thunder and lightning, it struck at him.

The abrupt pressure caught Grim Reaper off guard, and he hurriedly raised his scimitar above his head.

Clink clank!

The Meteorite Sword slashed on the scimitar's chip and deepened the gap by another inch. Soon, the grain-sized chip became a small crack that extended downward, wanting to break the scimitar in half.

"B*stard!" Grim Reaper was stunned and furious. Then, with a roar, the sounds of moving metal plates sounded all over his muscles. Next, Grim Reaper exerted some force on his arms, swiftly curled the scimitar, and wrapped it around the Meteorite Sword, tossing it far away.

Seeing that Caspian no longer had the Meteorite Sword, Grim Reaper laughed evilly. "Without the rank six sharp weapons, I'd like to see how you'll fight me! Fatal Punch!"

Grim Reaper's killer move was not only on his scimitar but his fists. He swiftly clenched his fists and punched out violent jabs. Each slam could break rocks into pieces and penetrate steel plates.

Noticing that Grim Reaper tossed away his weapon, Caspian was not surprised but happy. Without hesitation, he yelled, "The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon!"

Since he returned to the third stage of the True Martial Realm, Caspian could make more complicated moves.

He turned his body slightly and dodged Grim Reaper's punch. Then, as if Caspian's arm was like a moving dragon, it climbed along Grim Reaper's arm and made a sudden shake. In an instant, the air around them vibrated, and a faint dragon roar could be heard. Caspian's fingers immediately grabbed at Grim Reaper's head.

"Sh*t!" Grim Reaper was stupefied.

He initially thought Caspian's advantage was the rank six Meteorite Sword. However, Grim Reaper finally realized that he was too naive.

Caspian's martial art skill was more powerful than his sword skills.

Nonetheless, Grim Reaper's True Martial Realm was still higher than Caspian's.

When Caspian's fingers were about to grab on his skull, Grim Reaper made an abrupt turn. His arm suddenly became thicker, and he shook Caspian's hand a few inches away.

In a twinkling of an eye, Caspian's fingers pierced through Grim Reaper's arms and forcefully jerked it.

Hence, when Grim Reaper shook Caspian's hand away, his arm was also torn open, leaving a huge wound.

His skin was split open, and the injury was so deep that one could see his bone. Moreover, the blood was gushing out uncontrollably.

Grim Reaper's face twisted in pain. There were complex expressions on his face when he looked at Caspian — resentment, panic, puzzled, and so on…

"Prince Carson informed me that Caspian lost his skills. However, not only is he not weaker, but he seems to be stronger than before! What's happening?!" Grim Reaper was breaking out in a sweat from the intense pain.

He hurriedly took a porcelain bottle from his arm and poured the white, hemostatic powder on his wound.

However, he still bled nonstop. As soon as he sprinkled the powdered drug on the wound, it was washed away by the gushing blood.

It was an extremely shocking sight.

When Caspian saw Grim Reaper's flustered look, he was even confident that his speculations before were correct.

Caspian secretly exclaimed, "Cultivating in the Tower of Life is indeed not a waste. Even though I've only reached the third stage of the True Martial Realm, I'm already able to defeat a fourth-stage martial artist. I wouldn't even dare to dream about this in the past!"

"Caspian, as a man, I must seek revenge today!" Grim Reaper roared and took out a green talisman.

The talisman had a zigzag veined pattern on it.

Even though it seemed like a thin paper, it permeated an oppressive and robust force, as if a boulder was pressing onto them.

Caspian saw the talisman and was stunned.

He saw such a talisman before.

"I didn't expect that I'll need to use this Talisman of Concentrated Vitality. This is so despicable! Despicable!" Grim Reaper was bloody, and his face was ashen as he lost a lot of blood, making him seem more sinister.

"This Talisman of Concentrated Vitality was given to me by Prince Carson for my great service. My hit will be on par as a Pulse Control Realm's practitioner's punch if I use it. I'd like to see how you'll escape death!" Grim Reaper shouted, grabbed the talisman, and pressed it onto his wound.

The Talisman of Concentrated Vitality instantly soaked in his blood, and a ray of cyan light burst out.

Although the light was dim, it gave people a sense of crisis as if boulders would fall apart and buildings would collapse. Furthermore, the air in the atmosphere seemed to be denser too.

Grim Reaper was glaring at Caspian with full of resentment.

Based on his current stage, Grim Reaper could not activate the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality unless he used his blood and exchanged his lifespan for its power.

Grim Reaper's lifespan would be reduced by at least 20 years to activate this talisman, and he would also get an incurable illness.

How could he not hate Caspian to the bone, especially when he needed to pay such a hefty and tragic price?

"Damn it!" Caspian saw the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality was glowing in cyan light, and he did not hesitate to rush at Grim Reaper.

If he activated the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality, the consequences would be unimaginable. Thus, he must stop him!

Just as he was about to run to Grim Reaper, Caspian saw him sneering.

Before activating the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality, Grim Reaper opened his mouth wide and spat.

A poisonous long nail shot out from his mouth. Then, as if it was a hunting viper, it flew straight toward Penny, who was standing in the distance.

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