Chapter 12 Life and Death

Penny was a mortal, and she never practiced martial arts before.

Hence, it was impossible to avoid the long nail!

Caspian swept his gaze across the scene and noticed the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality's cyan light was glowing brighter. In contrast, Penny, who stood at the distance, was about to be killed by the long nail.

Then, Caspian gritted his teeth and ran at his fastest speed to Penny, pushing her to the ground.

The long nail pierced through the air into the big tree behind the two with a loud whooshing sound. A hole the size of a bowl appeared on the tree. In an instant, wood shavings flew around, and the tree's trunk began to wilt and shrink.

Penny was so frightened that her face turned as white as a sheet, and she was so stupefied by the scene that she could not move.

Seeing that Penny was safe and sound, Caspian breathed a sigh of relief.

If Caspian ignored Penny's life just to stop Grim Reaper from activating the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality, he would still be haunted with guilt for the rest of his life.

Soon, Caspian saw Penny widened her eyes as she looked into the distance and exclaimed, "Prince Caspian, be careful!"

Then, Caspian saw a light-like or haze-like cyan color shooting at them.

At that time, the frail young lady in his arm suddenly broke out with tremendous strength and broke away from his arms. Then, Penny stood in front of Caspian and did not hesitate to cover him. "Your Highness, be careful!"

Caspian never saw a Pulse Control Realm, but he knew that Realm was much stronger than a fifth-stage True Martial Realm.

Moreover, this ray of cyan light's pressure was more powerful than any enemies that Caspian met before.

Caspian glanced around and noticed a warhorse nearby.

These warhorses were all ridden by those guards before. However, some of the horses escaped amidst the fight just now, and some remained as leashes tied them down.

Without any hesitation, Caspian immediately roared, grabbed the warhorse to block him, and pulled Penny into his embrace. Then, he turned his body away.


Almost at the same time, the cyan light shot the warhorse. The war horse wailed and instantly exploded into pieces. Flesh and blood flew across the scene as warm blood was gushing into the air as if it were bloody fireworks.

Droplets of blood soon dropped on every corner of the scene, and everyone could hear the pitter-patter of the droplets hitting the ground.

Caspian grunted as he felt as if a rhinoceros just slammed into his back, and his bones were hurting badly. Next, an odd sensation swamped his throat, and he spouted a mouthful of blood, causing him to fly a few meters away.

He released Penny from his arms, and she fell to the ground.

However, Penny fainted from the explosion's impact, so she did not make any sound.

As Caspian was slammed to the ground, he only felt that his internal organs were rearranged. Furthermore, his lungs and throat felt as if they were burning when he breathed. It was as if he was soaked in boiling oil, and every part of him was in indescribable pain.

When he saw that Penny fainted on the ground, anger and murderous intent instantly rose in Caspian's eyes.

This man actually used such a despicable method, and he even wanted to kill Penny. That was totally unforgivable!

The effect of the essence of the Sea-Breaker Beast and his hardworking cultivation over these days instantly showed.

If it were in the past, Caspian would not be able to move in such a short time, yet now, he could stand after taking in a deep breath.

The violet skills he learned on the battlefield and the murderous temperament he trained for were all revealed!

Caspian's bloody body made him appear as if he was a demon!

Grim Reaper, who was approaching them, also stopped in mid tracks.

He was terrified. After gasping a few times, Grim Reaper shouted, “You… You're still alive!"

Even the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality could not kill him! What was this man-made of!

"Of course I'm alive. After all, I'm Caspian Montgomery." Caspian sneered.

Under the sunlight, his figure resembled a mountain's projection, and its pressure caused Grim Reaper to be unable to breathe properly.

Grim Reaper used up almost 20 years of his life to activate the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality. Currently, his body was frail, and he could not fight against Caspian anymore.

"I refuse to believe that I can't kill you!" Grim Reaper yelled. Then, he took out another black sphere from his arms. "Heaven's Thunderball! Even if I have to blow you into pieces and I won't be able to bring your head back to complete the mission, I still want to kill you!"

"You have this too." Caspian narrowed his eyes.

Heaven's Thunderball was not weaponry but a sieging tool. It was stuffed with gunpowder and iron filings, and one would just need to push a button to make it work. Once it exploded, the area with one square meter radius would turn into bare land.

"You won't be able to stop me. Your only weapon — Meteorite Sword, is nowhere near you!" Grim Reaper let out menacing laughter. Then, he pressed Heaven's Thunderball button.

Just as Grim Reaper started talking, Caspian held the pain in and made his way to him.

Ten meters!

Eight meters!

Six meters!

Three meters!

Grim Reaper pressed on the button, and he laughed evilly as his eyes lit up with ruthless light.

Next, Caspian moved his arm, and a ray of black light shot out like lightning.

It was so fast and so near. Grim Reaper could not dodge him due to his weakened state.


Then, a terrifying sight of blood exploding out of Grim Reaper's chest was seen.

Grim Reaper lowered his head to look at the spear's blade that stabbed through his chest. Next, he slowly blinked, and he felt that his body was gradually getting colder. His body slightly trembled as he murmured, "Dragon-Exterminator Spear—"

He finally remembered that Caspian's most famous weapon on the battlefields was not the Meteorite Sword but the Dragon-Exterminator Spear.

Despite only being left with its blade, it still could be used to kill someone.

Caspian approached him not to stop him, but he wanted to close their distance, ensuring he did not have the chance to dodge his fatal stab!

When Grim Reaper finally realized it and wanted to toss Heaven's Thunderball away, he was already left with no strength.

With a loud bang, the ground shook and exploded. Grim Reaper's body was drawn into the wave of explosions, and soon he was minced into human pulp.

The explosion's impact was as if thousands of trees swept Caspian away, throwing him far away and violently crashing into a boulder.

The entire scene was filled with disfigured bodies, flesh and blood, burnt trees, and broken carriages, and the air was full of the pungent smells of blood and burnt smells.

After getting hit twice, Caspian felt as if bones were all broken. He tried hard to stand but to no avail. In the end, he could only endure the exhaustion and pain as he slowly crawled to Penny.

Although Soul Snatcher and Grim Reaper were dead, Caspian was uncertain if Carson had any backups. If more killers were coming, Caspian would not be able to fight them in this state. Hence, he needed to get Penny away quickly.

She was only a few meters away from him, but Caspian almost passed out a few times. Nonetheless, with his strong willpower and body, he managed to hold on.

However, just as Caspian was getting close to Penny, he felt something. He then looked at the sky.

In the distant sky, a group of colorful light rays, shaped like a circle, was flying toward his direction.

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