Chapter 13 Cloud Valley

The colorful light rays reached Caspian and slowly descended.

Caspian could finally see that the colorful light rays were a huge circular fan, and two people stood on top of it.

One of them was a lady in white, who appeared to be in her twenties. The other was a little girl in a hair bun, who seemed to be around seven years old.

When Caspian saw them, he forced himself to stand.

Neither of them was old, yet they could fly in the air. This must be something only an immortal could do!

Hence, those people would not be killers that Carson sent.

When the circular fan landed, the little girl jumped down and looked around.

The bloody scene did not seem to have affected him.

"There's indeed spiritual Qi's wave motion. Your senses were right. A battle just happened here." Soon, the little girl turned her head over to look at the lady in white, who was her senior.

The lady in white shook her head slightly. "However, this was a battle between the martial art practitioners, and it's the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality's wave motion. Let's just go."

"Oh!" The little girl nodded and was about to jump up the circular fan when she saw something. Then, she pointed in a direction and yelled, "Look, there's a survivor!"

The little did not wait for the lady in white to answer, and she bounced toward the person. Next, she exclaimed in surprise, "There's another person, but… Hey, you should come over and take a look."

Caspian was less than a meter away from that little girl.

Then, his body muscles moved, and the pain was so excruciating he felt as if he was being torn apart. The injuries caused by the two attacks were far more severe than he thought.

Nonetheless, Caspian was thankful that he was him. Otherwise, if he were just another martial artist, he would already be dead.

Caspian watched as the little girl squatted and examined the fainted Penny. He wanted to get up, but he could not.

Whether it was the little girl or the lady in white, they only spared him a glance when they realized he was alive. After that, they ignored Caspian completely.

At that moment, the two were focused on Penny.

"This…" The lady in white approached them and followed in the direction the little girl pointed. Soon, she saw a few green blades of grass not far from Penny's cheek, and they were swaying in the wind.

It was only a few small blades of grass, but she could feel a faint spiritual Qi escaping from them.

The lady in white reached out her hand, and the few tiny blades of grass were instantly sucked to her hand.

After checking them for a while, the lady in white reached out again and wiped the wound on Penny's forehead. Then, she smelled it, and a solemn expression appeared on her face.

The little girl raised her head and looked at the lady in white excitedly. "So, is she? Is she?"

Although Caspian did not know what the two were discussing, he was sure that these two "immortals" appeared interested in Penny.

"Save her… Please, save her…" Caspian uttered with great effort, and his eyes flashed with a hopeful light.

As he was badly injured, his voice sounded like a murmur. It took the little girl a while before she could notice Caspian.

"She's my maid. Please, save her." Caspian said in a hoarse voice.

The girl only answered with an "Oh!” and she did not say anything else.

The lady in white seemed serious. Caspian saw her flip her wrist, and then a jade plate appeared out of thin air.

This action was like an eye-opener for Caspian. Nonetheless, he also noticed a carving of two triangles side by side at the bottom of the jade plate.

Furthermore, the same pattern was also on the two girls' cuffs.

The lady in white took a drop of Penny's blood and wiped it on the jade plate. A moment later, the jade plate was glowing with a faint white light.

Seeing that, the lady in white was touched, and the little girl who was tiptoeing to see the jade plate instantly covered her mouth. There was a hint of surprise and joy flashing in the kid's eyes. "She truly is a—"

"Flora Form." The lady in white nodded.

Then, she took a deep breath as if she had made a decision and maneuvered the colorful circular fan over. Next, she placed Penny on it.

"I can't believe that we found a Flora Form here. If we didn’t, her talent might be undiscovered. Moreover, I'm sure our master is willing to accept her as a disciple if we bring her back," the lady in white said.

Caspian did not understand what a Flora Form was. However, he was confident that Penny had something that the immortals valued! The immortals were willing to accept her as their disciple!

That thing seemed to be her blood.

Later, the little girl pointed at Caspian and asked, "What should we do with this guy? He's dying, so why don't we just end his life? We can't let the news about Flora Form leaked."

Caspian was stunned when he heard that.

The girl was young, and Caspian did not even provoke her, yet as soon as she opened her mouth, she said she wanted to kill him.

The lady in white shook her head and answered, "We can't do that. This isn’t Cloud Valley's territory. It’ll be bad for us if someone finds traces of us simply killing and disposing of others. Moreover, according to his injuries, he'll die in at most half a day more. Let's just leave him to die."

"Cloud Valley." Caspian secretly remembered the name and the images on their cuffs.

As Caspian's injuries were severe and he lost too much blood, it was a miracle for him to endure it until now. Even though Penny was taken away, and he did not know when they would meet again, or perhaps they would never even see each other again. Caspian was glad that Penny was in safe hands. Besides, the immortals valued her, and maybe she would achieve something great in the future. Furthermore, now that Caspian knew about the two girls' background, he could finally be at ease.

Soon, Caspian felt a deep sense of exhaustion, and his eyes were heavy. Even the conversions between the two girls sounded vague.

"Clean this place."


"Destroy everything that could let other people identify one's identity. This way, even if someone knows that Flora From is missing, they won't be able to find clues that indicate her identity with all these people's clothes and belongings."

"Wow! You're amazing.”

"Go ahead and quickly do it. Remember not to leave any trace."

"It'll be faster if you just use your magical power."

"If I use my power, it'll create a residual spiritual Qi wave. Don't you remember how we found this place? Besides, as long as I leave the slightest magical power, someone can tell that this is Cloud Valley's power. Are you trying to dig our graves?"

"But Cloud Valley isn’t even in this northern district..."

"It's because we're not in the northern district that we can't leave anything that can be used against us. Our visit this time is already considered as trespassing another sect's territory. If they found out… Well, with my current realm, I won't be able to defend us."

The duo seemed to believe that Caspian would surely die from his injuries, so they did not deliberately lower their voices.

As the two were talking, Caspian felt his body was being flipped over. Later, he vaguely saw the circular fan floating midair and disappeared. He did not know how long passed by, but he heard muffled thunders in his ears, and a cold feeling fell on him.

It seemed to be raining.

Caspian gradually lost consciousness and fainted.

At the same time, his blood dripped on the Earring of Echo.

Next, the surface of the earring was suddenly glowing in the same mysterious purple light as before.

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