Chapter 14 The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale

Caspian felt as if his body roasted on a fire pit, and he felt hot all over. At the same time, he also felt bursts of severe pain.

In a daze, Caspian noticed that he was in the Tower of Life.

Caspian blinked his eyes. "What happened? Did the Earrings of Echo bring me in?"

Caspian was also puzzled about what happened. However, he felt his physical body was not in the Tower of Life, but it was his consciousness instead.

He could only see the images in the tower, but he could not see his body.

Nonetheless, since he was already here, Caspian did not hesitate anymore and directly floated toward the fourth floor of the Tower of Life at the thought of the Earring of Echo's magic.

He needed to be a third-stage True Martial Realm to enter the fourth floor.

When he battled Grim Reaper, he already ascended. Hence, Caspian could easily remove the seal on top of the entrance to the fourth floor.

However, the fourth floor was empty, and there was no booklet on the floor.

Just as when Caspian was confused, glowing letters started to appear in the air.

These letters were disorderly, appearing one after another in mid-air, faster and faster. They looked just like stars that suddenly shone in the night sky.

Just when Caspian was surprised, these letters suddenly turned into streams of light and flew directly toward him.

In an instant, Caspian felt that a beam of light enveloped him.

"What's going on?" Caspian was still puzzled when the letters rearranged themselves into words, and a mnemonic chant suddenly appeared in his mind.

"The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale? What's this? Is this a martial art skill?" Caspian was excited, but he immediately calmed himself down.

The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale's mnemonic chant was different from The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon. It instantly appeared in Caspian's consciousness, as if it was his original memory and he would never forget it.

As long as he thought of it, the entire mnemonic chant would appear in his mind.

After looking it through, Caspian noticed that The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale was not a combat skill but an ability to teach you how to eat.

Of course, even a child knew how to eat. Hence, The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale was not about eating regular food but how to absorb the vigor and spiritual Qi of the food.

According to The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale, everything in the world, even a tiny grass or a small pebble, contained spiritual Qi.

As long as one knew how to eat, they could absorb the spiritual Qi into their body and strengthen themselves.

Thus, by just following The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale's methods, even if Caspian swallowed metal or gold in the future, he could absorb their spiritual Qi.

Caspian heard about spiritual Qi before, and he knew that the realm for warriors was known as the True Martial Realm. There was also a higher realm above True Martial Real — Pulse Control Realm.

However, Salleria was only a tiny country. Regardless of whether it was Salleria or the surrounding countries, none had any Pulse Control Realm practitioner before. Therefore, Caspian did not know how powerful Pulse Control Realm was.

Nonetheless, as Caspian had trading relations, he heard rumors about the cultivators of Pulse Control Realm. Moreover, one could also get items used by Pulse Control Realm's practitioners through trades of goods, for example, the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality that Grim Reaper used before.

Caspian knew that only a Pulse Control Realm's practitioner could use his spiritual Qi to activate the extremely powerful Talisman of Concentrated Vitality. In contrast, a True Martial Realm artist would have to use up his Qi and blood or even trade it with his life.

The control of spiritual Qi was the reason why Pulse Control Real was stronger than True Martial Realm.

Nonetheless, Caspian only knew those facts, and there were many more for him to discover.

When Caspian was a prince, he once wished to break through the True Martial Realm and ascended to the Pulse Control Realm as he wanted to see the whole new world.

After Caspian carefully pondered on The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale, he suddenly felt dizzy.

Soon, he finally recalled that his physical body was heavily injured.

At the thought of this, his consciousness began to feel dazed, and after a moment, he fainted again.

At this moment, not far away from where Caspian had fainted, two figures were running fast along the cliff.

As the rain poured for the whole night, the naked cliffs were even more slippery than usual. If an ordinary person was walking on it, they might accidentally fall.

However, these two men looked as if they were walking on flat ground and did not seem to be affected.

Moreover, their speed was extremely fast. Even an ordinary person could not run as fast as them on a flat surface.

The two men's expressions were not great, and it was as if they had met a terrible encounter. The man walking in front was frowning hard, and the man behind him wanted to speak up a few times but did not. In the end, he could not hold it in anymore and whispered, "Lucas, do you intend to return just like this?"

The leading man, Lucas Campbell, abruptly stopped in his tracks and turned around. "Fabian, it is what it is. What else can we do besides going back?"

"But… But I'm not reconciled, Lucas." Fabian Hopkins appeared to be in his mid-thirty, and his eyes were slightly reddened. "This isn’t our fault. Who knew that Master would get killed before he even entered our family? Didn't the Old Master say the Master was a martial artist? Yet, at that time…"

Lucas answered through gritted teeth, "Old Master won't be mistaken. We're being stabbed in the back. There must be someone pulling tricks behind our backs, but on the surface, it does look like we didn't do our job well, causing the master to die before entering the Lawrence family. Hence, we can only return to report everything as it is to the Old Master and beg for his forgiveness. I'm sure that Old Master can be a judge of it."

Hearing that, Fabian became anxious. "Lucas, I trust the Old Master as you do too, but I don't trust the others! I understand your intention, and I bet we have the same person in mind as to who the mastermind is. The problem is that if we go back right now, do you think they'll let go of us? I'm afraid they've already listed all the crimes we supposedly did, and they're waiting for our return to admit to them! I doubt that we'll have a chance to explain ourselves by then…"

Before Fabian finished his sentence, he saw Lucas raising his brows, and a shrewd light flashed in his eyes.

The two of them were partners for a long time, so when Fabian noticed Lucas's expression, he knew that something happened around them. Then, he immediately kept quiet, held his breath, followed Lucas's sight, and looked over.

With just a glance, Fabian's pupils abruptly constricted, and he murmured, "Lucas."

"Let's go and take a look. Something seems off." Lucas replied plainly. He held a long knife in his hand and quietly walked toward the direction.

Fabian walked beside him.

The gentle breeze in the forest carried along with a subtle smell of blood.

However, according to the intensity of the smell, it was either someone just died in front of them or there was a massacre before the heavy rain.


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