Chapter 15 An Unbelievable Plan

Lucas and Fabian were at a loss for words when they saw the muds and remnants.

Judging from the traces on the scene, it was clear that a caravan-like team was robbed here, and no one was not spared.

Moreover, there was nothing on these people that could be used to identify them. Hence, it was impossible to know where they were from.

Nonetheless, such a thing was common on this unclaimed land. Hence, Lucas and Fabian were not too surprised either.

After making sure that it was not aimed at them, Lucas and Fabian decided to leave.

After all, they were hardly able to save themselves.

Just as they were about to turn around, Lucas saw something moving from the corner of his eye, and he took a look at it.

It was just a glance, but he felt as if he was struck by lightning as he stood there dumbfounded.

Fabian instantly noticed that something was odd with his partner, so he hurriedly asked, "Lucas, what's wrong!"

"That… That’s…" Lucas's eyes were wide open, and his breathing was getting rapid. His face appeared to be slightly pale, and he did not even answer Fabian but hurriedly strode forward to the corpse whose upper body was soaked in mud.

Fabian swiftly followed him, and he finally noticed that the corpse's chest was undulating subtly. It was not a dead man but a survivor.

"It's just a survivor. Is there a need to be so anxious? Lucas, you scared me." Fabian complained.

"That's not it! Look at his face!" Lucas almost shouted.

It was not often for Lucas to lose control, so when Fabian saw his attitude and heard his tone, he knew it was a big deal. Thus, he leaned over to look at the man's face.

Even though the young man's face was covered in mud... His brows and jawline… When Fabian saw them, he felt a chill running down his spine, his scalp tingling, and his hair was standing on ends…

Fabian was in disbelief…

"Do you see it now, Fabian?" Lucas uttered in a hoarse voice.

Fabian also felt that his throat was dry, and he could not help but lick his lips. Then, he took out a scroll from his back and opened it.

It was a portrait of a teenager, and he looked similar to Caspian. The only difference was that the young man appeared timid, and anyone who saw him would think he was a coward.

As he compared the portrait and Caspian, Fabian's arms started to tremble.

Disregarding the temperament, but only focusing on his looks and even his body shape, the young man on the ground at this moment was almost the same as the person in the scroll painting.

"There's always a way out. There's always a way out…" Lucas was mumbling to himself. His pale face was starting to redden, and there was excitement in his eyes.

Fabian's eyes were glistening, and he immediately understood what Lucas was implying. He was so shocked that he almost shouted, "Lucas, are you trying to let this man pretend that he is…"

"Pretend? Our future master’s lying in the mud, so why aren't you helping him and taking a look at his injuries?"

Fabian completely understood Lucas's plan, and he thought that it was extremely risky and crazy.

Nevertheless, he knew well that this chance was hard to come by. For the both of them, this was as if God sent them a miracle, and amidst the desperation, they found a ray of hope.

Fabian was also a firm and unswerving man. He knew that saving lives was important. Moreover, they were not only saving the dying man on the ground, but they were also protecting their own lives. Hence, without further adieu, Fabian quickly supported Fabian and pressed a few points on his body.

Then, Fabian looked at Lucas with eyes full of joy as he exclaimed, "Lucas, he can be saved!"

"That's amazing! Our success depends on this, so let's just take him away and discuss it when he's awake!" Lucas made a quick decision and waved his hand.


In a daze, Caspian felt someone carrying him. It seemed to be a rocky journey, and they had stopped a few times. Caspian felt a tingling pain, but soon, there was a cool and comfortable feeling, and at the same time, he heard unfamiliar voices. During this period, Caspian wanted to wake up several times, but after his eyelids were so heavy that he once again fell asleep.

In the end, Caspian woke up when he smelled a strong aromatic scent.

He could not explain it either, but when he smelled the fragrance, Caspian felt extremely hungry. It was as if his every muscle and every drop of blood were wailing, "So hungry! So hungry!"

When he opened his eyes, Caspian saw a bonfire nearby, and a cow-like beast was being roasted.

At this time, the beast was about 80% cooked, and its surface was glistening in golden grease. Then, the oil condensed into a large ball and dripped onto the bonfire, making a sizzling noise and causing the flames to rise all at once.

The scent was so intense that it spread into the atmosphere quickly, and when it reached Caspian's nose, it aroused his senses.

"You're awake!" Caspian heard a surprised voice.

With great difficulty, he turned his gaze away from the roasting meat and saw two strangers standing not far away.

The two men stared at him with a complicated look in their eyes.

Caspian glanced at them and did not sense any murderous aura on them, so he turned to look at the roasting meat again.

The two men were Lucas and Fabian.

When they saw Caspian was finally awake, they wanted to ask him several questions, but Fabian instantly frowned when he saw Caspian's expression.

Lucas did not seem to mind and walked forward. Next, he took out the long knife from his waist and cut off the beast's leg, passing it to Caspian as he smiled and said, "You must be hungry. Don't worry. Go ahead and eat."

Even if Lucas did not offer him, Caspian did not plan to be courteous and have a bite of the beast.

Nonetheless, Caspian did not know why he was so hungry either. He only felt as if his body was empty, and he was in a dire need to replenish himself.

Caspian could not care less about the hotness of the roasted meat. He directly took it over and took a big bite.

The rich aroma of the meat burst in Caspian's mouth. As if he had not eaten for years, Caspian did not even chew. Then, after he took a big bite, he directly swallowed the meat. The beast's leg was much bigger than a man's thigh, but it only took Caspian a short while to finish it.

However, what made Lucas and Fabian dumbfounded was the fact that Caspian was not only eating the meat, but he was gnawing on even the huge bone.

Caspian chewed on the bone and swallowed it as if it was not a tough bone but a biscuit, and Caspian did not have teeth in his mouth but a millstone.

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