Chapter 16 Caspian, Not Casper.

After devouring the whole roasted thigh, Caspian fixed his gaze at the remaining roasted meat like a predator watching its prey.

Seeing the look in his eyes, Lucas and Fabian could not help but feel secretly afraid.

After hesitating for a while, Lucas said, "It's yours! Go ahead and eat it. After you're done, we have something to discuss with you."

"Thank you so much!" Caspian answered with a hoarse voice and nodded at them. Then, he directly grabbed the meat.

Caspian was famished. He never felt such an indescribable hunger before.

Soon, Caspian hugged that meat piece that was bigger than his body, and he gobbled it up.

When the rich aroma of the burning grease exploded on the tip of his tongue, a line of words appeared in Caspian's mind.

The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale!

In an instant, Caspian felt the peristalsis and digestion of his digestive system improve by dozens of times. Besides, his belly made a leather-rubbing sound, there were also noises of muffled thunders from his stomach.

"That's right. When I passed out, my consciousness seemed to have entered the fourth floor of the Tower of life. My current bodily function's state is at its worst, and this is the best condition to nourish myself according to The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale!"

At the thought of that, Caspian quickly opened his mouth and showed his pearly whites.

Crunch! Crunch!

It only took him a few bites to devour the roasted meat. Of course, he ate the bones as he did before too.

Caspian felt his digestive system made a rumbling sound and moving fast after he swallowed the meat and bones. Then, a second later, his meal was quickly digested.

At the same time, Caspian felt a warm flow bursting out from the intestine to his other organs, every inch of his muscles, every vein, and every bone.

Soon, Caspian's body warmed up and he was full of energy. His blood and flesh were all rejoicings. After all, all the exhaustion and tortures that they suffered due to the severe injuries before were instantly gone and healed.

When they saw how Caspian devoured the roasted meat, Lucas and Fabian glanced at each other with shock and astonishment in their eyes.

That young man was as hungry as a wolf.

Lucas initially planned for the beast to last them for a week. However, Caspian already ate half of it in just a few seconds.

Moreover, Caspian did not seem to be satisfied. It was as if he did not have a belly but a black hole.

They watched as Caspian crunched the bone into pieces and swallowed it. When Caspian looked at them, Lucas could not help but gulp and toss the bag with dry grains to Caspian. Next, he ordered Fabian dryly, "Go ahead and get some more food for him."

Fabian was stunned, but he immediately regained his senses and swiftly ran into the distance.

Thankfully, Lucas and Fabian were experienced with surviving in the wild. They picked a location not far away from a lake and mountains. Hence, it was easy for them to hunt.

Before long, Fabian carried a huge fish the size of a door panel and an unknown beast in his other hand.

Caspian was eating the dry grains that Lucas tossed to him happily, and he did not appear to care about what was happening around him. In actuality, it was all a show. After the initial extreme hunger passed, Caspian acted as if he was still famished.

Caspian was secretly observing Lucas and Fabian.

From Fabian's action just now, Caspian could tell that he was a stage four martial artist. As for Lucas, even though he had yet to do anything, he ordered Fabian around. Thus, his level must be higher than Fabian's.

Caspian lost his consciousness since Penny was taken away, so he was not aware of what happened during that time. Nonetheless, he was sure that the two men in front of him saved him.

Furthermore, with these two men's stages, they had an ulterior motive for saving him. Otherwise, they would not grant his every request.

However, Caspian did not know what their motive was.

Taking advantage of the frenzied devouring effort at this moment, Caspian was also trying hard to recall what happened before he passed out as he put the scattered pieces of memories together.

Although he knew that he was half-conscious due to the heavy injuries, Caspian could still clearly remember certain scenes back then.

"Those two ladies that claimed they were from the Cloud Valley seemed to have cleared the scene, and they didn’t leave anything that could provide an insight to our identities." Caspian pondered about it, and soon, he had a plan.

After going over the scheme and deciding on it, Caspian once again concentrated on eating.

The beast before could not fill his belly. Moreover, he used The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale, and he could indeed feel that his Qi and blood were being replenished. Additionally, someone gave him a nonstop food supply, so there was no need for Caspian to restrain himself. Therefore, Caspian accepted whatever meal that was coming to him and swallowed it all.

Lucas and Fabian watched in amazement as Caspian ate about five times as much as before. Then, after Fabian ran several times in a row, Caspian stopped eating contentedly.

Caspian could sense that the food he previously swallowed was moving intensely, soon digested, and turned into warm energy that was later absorbed by his body.

The effect was his physical strength was fully replenished, making his body more solid, his blood thicker, and his breathing deeper.

Despite still being a third stage of the True Martial Realm, Caspian believed that if he met the fourth-stage Grim Reaper, Caspian would not give him a chance to activate the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality.

After taking a deep breath, Caspian leaped from the ground and bowed at Lucas at Fabian. "Thank you for saving me. I'll forever remember your kind gesture."

Caspian deliberately skipped the part where he felt indebted for their help as he wanted them to confess their purpose.

Lucas's eyes glistened, but he did not say anything. On the other hand, Fabian could not hold it in anymore and asked, "Young man, we don't even know your name or why you fainted there yet."

"My name's Caspian Montgomery," Caspian answered.

"Casper Montgomery?" Lucas froze, and he yelled.

Sensing his murderous aura, Caspian was stunned too. He secretly tensed his body. Then, he replied to Lucas calmly, "No. It's Caspian, not Casper."

"Ah, Caspian!" Lucas instantly breathed a sigh of relief and he felt relaxed too. Next, he cast a glance at Fabian and flashed an awkward smile. He was too anxious.

Caspian's eyes moved slightly, and he questioned casually, "May I know if the Casper Montgomery you mentioned has anything to do with me?"


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