Chapter 17 Deceiving the World.

After Caspian said that he secretly observed Lucas and Fabian's expressions.

From their reaction just now, the two did not seem to know him

Hence, Caspian was suspicious about their identities.

Besides being famous in Salleria, the surrounding regions should also have heard about Caspian before.

Moreover, these two men were well-trained warriors of the True Martial Realm. Thus, it was impossible that they did not react to his name but were triggered at the mention of Casper's name instead.

Based on this observation, it seemed that not only the surface of things that could identify them had been cleaned up.

Caspian was secretly puzzled, but he still waited for Lucas and Fabian's reply.

However, Lucas did not directly answer Caspian's question, and he just waved his hand as he said, "Caspian, I believe that fate brought us together. My name’s Lucas Campbell, and this is my pledged brother, Fabian Hopkins. We happened to pass by the area and saved you. What happened? You're the only survivor at the scene, and the others were seemed to have died tragic—"

"A few warriors stopped us and attacked us," Caspian quickly answered.

"Only warriors?" Lucas was shocked.

"What do you, Lucas?" Caspian questioned puzzledly.

"Caspian, we felt a trace of spiritual Qi at the scene when we found you." Although Lucas sounded indifferent, Caspian could tell that there was doubt and a hint of interrogation in his tone.

"Lucas, I think I know why you felt traces of spiritual Qi there. When we met the warriors, they utilized a Talisman of Concentrated Vitality just to kill us. However, why did you say only warriors? I'm not trying to hide anything, but I don't understand what you're saying." Caspian laughed awkwardly.

"Warriors using a Talisman of Concentrated Vitality?" Lucas's gaze became serious, and he looked at Caspian as he asked, "you're sure he's not a cultivator?"

Suddenly, an invisible sense of oppression surged over.

"Lucas is true as I've expected. He's at least at stage five of the True Martial Realm!" Caspian was secretly amazed. Nonetheless, he still kept a puzzled expression on his face.

Then, he asked, "Lucas, when the warrior was hurt, he pressed the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality onto his injury so that his Qi and blood could activate the talisman. I saw it with my own eyes, and it's true. However, what's a cultivator?"

When he heard Caspian's observation, Lucas glanced elsewhere. He chose not to answer this time, and Fabian replied to Caspian instead, "Caspian, don't you know what's the difference between a warrior and a cultivator?"

Caspian shook his head. He was not acting that time as he did not know the difference.

Lucas and Fabian stared at Caspian for a while. Then, after making sure that he was not lying, Fabian explained the difference to Caspian.

Later, Caspian finally understood that a warrior or martial artist was a person who practiced True Martial Realm. Once he reached the Pulse Control Realm, he would not be addressed as a warrior anymore, but a cultivator instead.

Being blocked and killed by a warrior was different than being done so by a cultivator.

"So, that's the difference." Caspian suddenly realized.

Nonetheless, at the same time, Caspian was even more suspicious of Lucas and Fabian's identities. Moreover, it was apparent that they were far more knowledgeable than him as a prince. Thus, their backgrounds must not be simple either.

Then, Lucas explained, "It seems that you weren't aware of the difference. I must've misunderstood you, Caspian. I hope you don't blame me. However, do you know anyone that has deep hatred against you? As far as I know, if a warrior activated the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality, they weren’t only using up their Qi and blood but also their life. Therefore, unless that person despised you to their bones, it’d be unlikely that a warrior would choose such a brutal measure."

"What else could it be? It's another family feud." Caspian appeared aloof.

When he was gobbling up the food, he already planned out a semi-true lie in his mind. Hence, not only could Caspian use it to hide his true identity, but he could also find out how much understanding Lucas and Fabian had of Salleria.

In this lie, Caspian depicted himself as the rising member of the family, and there was a chance for him to compete with the other family members to be the future head of the family. However, as he was mothered by a concubine and not of a direct lineage, he must make a significant contribution to convincing the whole family.

Hence, Caspian accepted an extremely dangerous task in the hope that he could prove his capability and worth. Unfortunately, someone from the direct lineage of the family made up charges against him, framed, and even sent someone to assassinate him. In the end, he could not return to his home.

"Thankfully, both of you saved me. Otherwise, I'll surely become a lonely soul that died unjustly." Caspian once again thanked Lucas and Fabian.

The description of his identity and experiences was a half-truth lie. Unless the person knew who was, they would not have seen through his words.

At this moment, Caspian just probed and tried his luck based on Lucas and Fabian's unresponsiveness.

After quite some time, Lucas nodded. "So that's what happened. Then, I believe our situations are similar. Nonetheless, we still have a slim chance to turn it around."

When Caspian heard that, he was shocked.

He had a slight hunch that Lucas and Fabian saved him for this slim chance.

However, there was still one last thing that he needed to confirm.

"Lucas, Fabian, I'd like to ask how long I passed out. I'm worried as those warriors didn’t report back. Those people that hired them would send more assassins over, and this will implicate the two of you," Caspian admitted.

Fabian immediately replied to him, "You were out for fifteen days, but there's no need to worry about anything. Based on our paces, normal warriors won’t be able to catch up on us. Moreover, no one would think that we brought you to this place."

Although Caspian already guessed it, he was still stunned when he heard that he was unconscious for fifteen days. At the same time, he also finally understood why he was famished.

Nevertheless, he was confident that these two men would not doubt his identity anymore. Besides, they did not appear to be from Salleria or the nearby regions.

"Do you mind telling me where we are?" Caspian asked after pondering for a moment.

Lucas waved his hand. "There's no need to rush. Caspian, you don't have to test us anymore. To be frank, there's a reason why we saved you. However, you don't have to worry about it as this matter might be beneficial for you too. Maybe it’s an opportunity from the universe, and you can return to your family, and perhaps seek revenge."

"Just as I thought! They brought me here because if I'd disagree with their plans, it'll be convenient for them to kill me!" Caspian secretly snorted.

Despite thinking that, Caspian's face was still showing a harmless puzzled expression. "Lucas, you're exaggerating! The reason that you mentioned is related to the slim chance that can turn your situation around?"

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