Chapter 18 Gateway to Immortality

Lucas nodded. "That's indeed the case. Caspian, we saved you because we hope you can help the two of us. However, I'd like you to see one thing before I explain further."

Then, Lucas hinted at Fabian to show Caspian the scroll painting that Fabian prepared.

Caspian glanced at the scroll painting, and his heart instantly skipped a beat. "This is…"

It was a portrait of himself!

Nonetheless, Caspian quickly noticed that the youth on the scroll painting was not him. Instead, it was just someone that looked similar to him.

Even though they resembled each other, one would notice at a closer look that the teenager on the portrait had a different temperament from Caspian. This guy appeared timid, and anyone would think that he was a coward.

Seeing the complicated gazes flashing in Caspian's eyes, Lucas said, "Caspian, I'm going, to be frank. This person is Casper Montgomery. Yes, your hearing is fine as his name is indeed similar to yours. However, he's Casper, not Caspian."

Caspian expected that and he nodded his head slightly. "Then, no wonder you had that reaction when you heard my name before, Lucas."

Lucas continued, "Casper’s the Lawrence family's future master. The Old Master sent us on a mission to Agrela to bring him back to the Lawrence family."

"Future master? Agrela?" Caspian was stunned, but he instantly recovered himself, "he's a son-in-law that's going to stay at his wife's parent's house?!"

Caspian was also well aware of Agrela. It was a small country even further away than Salleria to Astren.

Suddenly, Caspian's eyes lit up. It seemed that he guessed what Lucas and Fabian wanted.

When Lucas saw Caspian's gaze, he explained, "Everything was smooth sailing when we went to fetch Casper. However, we met an unexpected encounter mid-journey, and Casper was murdered by a warrior who suddenly appeared. Moreover, it was a suicide attack as before we caught him, he ended his life with poison. We only found this poisoned dagger in the warrior's body."

Lucas tossed the palm-sized dagger toward Caspian with a swift move, and it stabbed into the ground near his feet.

The dagger glowed in a faint green light. Soon, the grass surrounding the area where the blade fell slowly wilted.

"Someone indeed arranged for the suicide warrior, but Casper was also killed in front of us. Hence, this means that we didn't do our job well in protecting him. If we return empty-handed, the Old Master will discipline us according to the family rules, so we might even lose our lives. Based on our understanding, the Old Master valued Casper. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sent us so far away just to bring him over. Furthermore, if we don't return and report our mission, our family members that are living with the Lawrence family won’t be able to skip death once the news about Casper reaches them."

Then, Lucas looked at Caspian meaningfully and continued, "Casper, you understand our dilemma now, right?"

Caspian pondered for a moment and nodded. "Lucas, Fabian, when you noticed that I resembled Casper, you thought of substituting me as Casper and hoped that I'd agree to pretend as him? Then, we'll return to the Lawrence family, and I'll become the son-in-law."

Lucas answered, "That's the plan. Casper, I hope you can understand why Fabian and I are doing this. After all, there are dozens of our family members still with them, and we can't watch them suffer just for our deeds".

Fabian also chimed in, "Caspian, besides you and us, no one else will know about this plan. Casper and that suicide warrior are dead. It's still quite a distance away to reach the Lawrence family, and we can tell you everything that we know. Once you remember them by heart, no one will see any flaws."

After the two said that, they realized Caspian did not immediately agree to their plan, but he was giving it a thought. Later, Caspian's slightly turned cold, and he secretly did a signal.

Then, Fabian quietly took a step to the side. That way, they could corner Caspian. Besides, with the help of the topography of the scene, they already blocked Caspian's way out.

Lucas added, "Caspian, don't forget that I've also mentioned that this may be once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Once you become someone important, you can return to your family, avenge yourself, and destroy your enemy. This isn’t some idiotic nonsense."

Caspian turned to Lucas and said, "Oh? Once in a lifetime opportunity? Lucas, please enlighten me."

Caspian knew that he could not show too much resistance. Otherwise, he might provoke their killing intent. With Caspian's current state, it would not be easy to escape from a fourth-stage True Martial Realm warrior and the at least fifth-stage warrior.

However, he could not act too eagerly either as to prevent them from suspecting him.

Thus, Caspian's attitude must be balanced.

"Caspian, I won't explain more, but the current Master Lawrence's daughter, who’s also your future wife, is a famous beauty. If you marry her, you'd be truly blessed. Many people would be envious of you," Lucas answered.

Caspian faked a smile, and he was not swayed by it.

After all, everyone would say their daughters were beautiful. Therefore, before anyone saw them, they could say whatever they wanted. Thus, Caspian could only be sure about it when they met.

Nonetheless, Lucas also did not think that beauty would impress Caspian, so he hurriedly continued, "If you replace Casper and enter our Lawrence family, you'll have the chance to join Dark Moon Sect. Henceforth, you can step foot in the path of immortality, and you can cultivate yourself to live a long life!"

"Path of immortality? Immortals?" Caspian was stunned. Then, he suddenly recalled the two ladies that took Penny away when he was severely injured.

Those two women were exactly as Caspian's understanding of an immortal to be, and they came from a place called Cloud Valley.

Although Caspian did not interrupt them back then, it did not mean he was willing to part with Penny just like that.

If Penny entered the gateway to immortality, and Caspian was also given a chance to do the same. They would have a higher chance of meeting each other again.

Moreover, once Caspian got into the gateway of immortality, it would also be easier to seek revenge when he returned to Salleria.

More importantly, if Caspian entered the gateway to immortality, it would also be easier for him to get to the higher levels of the Tower of Life. He could then receive the treasures that his mother left him too!

Despite Caspian being quiet, Lucas and Caspian were already smiling.

They knew that Caspian was moved.

The gateway to immortality was unattainable to a mortal.

If such a chance was offered on a plate to anyone, they rarely refused it.

After some time, Caspian looked up. His burning gaze lasted for a short while, and it quickly returned to a clear and come expression.

Lucas and Fabian were instantly stunned.

"Lucas, may I know which Lawrence family you’re from?" Caspian asked slowly.

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