Chapter 19 Earlington of Efrax

Before this, Caspian was the crown prince of Salleria.

In Salleria, there was no Pulse Control Realm's cultivator at all. Yet, Lucas could simply say the Lawrence family could enter the gateway of immortality, which inevitably made Caspian dubious.

Nonetheless, Lucas quickly noticed his doubts. He nodded and answered Caspian, "It turns out you're worried about this. Since we're all being straightforward now, I have no reason to hide the matter from you. Fabian and I are the servants for the Lawrence family from the Earlington of Efrax."

"Earlington of Efrax!" Caspian was stunned.

Caspian did not know where exactly Earlington of Efrax was, but the word Efrax was enough to make him lose his composure.

However, Caspian knew well that the content they were in was Idacith, and Salleria was one of the smallest countries.

Above Salleria was Efrax. Even though it might seem as if Efrax was just a level higher, comparing the two countries would be like comparing a newborn baby to a burly man.

Among all of the countries, Salleria would be regarded as the middle-lower rank. Hence, they were no match to Efrax.

As such, Caspian finally understood why Lucas and Fabian did not know who he was.

Disregarding the distance between Efrax and Salleria, the simpler reason would be that there was no need for an emperor in the palace to know wealthy families from a faraway village.

"Efrax… Gateway to immortality… So that's how it is…" Caspian gradually understood what was going on.

Lucas smiled. "Caspian, does this mean you agree to work with us?"

Caspian nodded and replied to him, "I'm looking forward to it."

Seeing that Caspian agreed, Lucas shouted, "Great! If that's the case, we'll be on the same boat from now onward. As the saying goes, one bad apple spoils the barrel. Hence, you should be aware of how dangerous this matter is. We're now a team, and if one of us goes down, all of us will be implicated, but if we succeed, we'll all be in glory."

"Of course. Don't worry about that. From now onward, I'm not Caspian, but the Lawrence family's future son-in-law, and I'm following you back. Nevertheless, I'll still need your help to tell me more relevant information soon. Just in case I accidentally give myself away," Caspian said.

Fabian chimed in and answered, "You can rest assured about that. Even if we take shortcuts to get to the Lawrence family's home from here, it'll take us about four months. During this time, we'll let you in on details about Casper, but you don't have to feel pressured. After all, our Old Master saw him once many years ago, and this is a matter between the two families' ancestors, so you don't have to worry if you're confused by then. Passing off as Casper won't be difficult, but the biggest problem will be the temperament between you and Casper… It's just too different."

As Fabian said that, he shook the scroll painting in his hand.

Just as when Lucas and Fabian were in a dilemma, Caspian smiled and suggested, "This isn’t a problem at all. Just as you said just now, we still have at least four months to reach there. Why don't we tell them that in these four months, we hit off well, and you two gave me guidance and training on my cultivation? Hence, my temperament changed."

"That's perfect!" Lucas's eyes instantly lit up, but he quickly laughed it off, "you don't have to beat around the bushes. You can just admit that you want us to train you."

As Caspian agreed to them working together, Lucas's tone was instantly friendlier.

"Thank you, Lucas, Fabian." Caspian smiled and cupped his hands together, thanking them both.

However, he soon frowned and asked, "There's still one thing I need to ask. Did any of you see a three-foot-long sword near where you found me?"

Fabian was in charge of looking for clues at the scene that day, so he answered, "We didn't. Is the sword important?"

Although Caspian expected it, he still felt regretful when Fabian said they did not see the Meteorite Sword. He appeared disheartened as he sighed, "Alright. Forget it then."

Then, Lucas patted his shoulder, comforting him, "Once you embark on your journey to immortality, you'll find many powerful treasures, so you don't have to be sad about that. Since we've finished discussing, let's continue our journey, lest the undue delay will be troublesome."

Caspian hummed in agreement, and he followed Lucas.

At that moment, Caspian lowered his head, and those who did not know would think he still lamented about his Meteorite Sword. He was secretly sneering at what happened

"Pretending to be the Lawrence family's son-in-law, marrying a beauty, and entering the gateway to immortality… This might sound beautiful, but the danger it comes with isn’t something an ordinary man can endure. Moreover, they were silent about the important parts and focused on the trivial matters just now. They didn't mention anything else but the good and even skipped the possible risks, such as who sent over the warrior who killed Casper. It seems that someone in the Lawrence family didn’t want Casper to reach there safely. Besides, a family usually attaches great importance to passing on inheritance to someone in their own family. They're not giving the direct lineage of the family the chance to enter the gateway to immortality but to give a son-in-law. There's no such thing as a free lunch in this world."

Despite knowing that Lucas and Fabian were hiding many things, Caspian still agreed to their plan.

One of the reasons as to why he agreed was due to the current situation. If Caspian refused, he might have provoked Lucas and Fabian, and they would have killed him to prevent this from spreading out. Other than that, Caspian could gain a new identity if he manipulated these two men. Then, Caspian could escape Salleria and Astren to a land far, far away. Hence, his safety, for the time being, would be secured. Furthermore, he could also gain more insights into Idacith from them along the journey.

Albeit it only being a short conversation, Caspian realized that his understanding of the world was far inferior to the duo, who said they were the mere servants of the Lawrence family.

The world outside Salleria seemed to be far more extensive than he expected.

When Caspian left Salleria's imperial capital, they just entered January, which was the coldest month of the year. When he met Soul Snatcher and Grim Reaper, the assassins, it was already late February. Now that they were back on the road, it was already the beginning of March.

According to the timeline given by Lucas and Fabian, they would probably reach within the territory of Earlington of Efrax around July.

For the next four months, Caspian, along with Lucas and Fabian, hastened on their journey.

Along the way, Lucas led while Fabian was at the back, and Caspian was walking between them.

At a look of it, it seemed that Lucas, who was currently the highest stage among them, was finding a path for them, and Fabian was at the end to look out for them and protect Caspian, who was in between them. However, Caspian knew that those two were still not assured about him. Therefore, despite them doing this for safety reasons, they were more likely to prevent Caspian from running away.

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