Chapter 20 Who Is This B*stard

Besides that, Lucas and Fabian took turns to sleep when they were resting. No matter what, one of them needed to be awake.

Moreover, both parties had a tacit mutual understanding of this subtle arrangement.

Nonetheless, even though Lucas and Fabian were still wary of Caspian. It was a matter still related to their and their family members' lives... Hence, they still took good care of Caspian.

Besides letting Caspian know about some necessary information every day, Lucas and Fabian would truthfully answer Caspian's questions as long as they knew about it. Usually, his questions would be on Idacith, Earlington of Efrax, the Lawrence Family, or even matters about warriors and cultivators, as well as martial art skills and cultivation methods,

Henceforth, that broadened Caspian's horizon, and he felt as if a door to a whole new world opened in front of him.

Caspian found out from Lucas and Fabian that the most significant difference between a warrior and a cultivator was their control of the essence of the world.

Once a warrior rose from the fifth stage of the True Martial Realm to the Pulse Control Realm, not only would he be able to feel the essence of the world, his lifespan would be directly increased by 60 years!

As for Lucas and Fabian… Fabian was a Martial Art Expert at the fourth stage of the True Martial Realm, whereas Lucas, who was at the fifth stage, was a Master of Martial Art, just as Caspian had expected.

However, Lucas said that although the Pulse Control Realm might seem to be only a step away from the fifth stage of the True Martial Realm, only about three out of a thousand people could successfully leap. Currently, Lucas's muscles and veins were stiff, plus he suffered severe injuries from completing past family missions. Even if he found natural herbs and minerals that could change himself inside out, he would also only have a really low chance to enter the Pulse Control Realm.

When they talked about the realms, Lucas purposely mentioned the eldest daughter of the Lawrence family. She was also Caspian's future wife and the pride of the Lawrence family — Jessica Lawrence.

Jessica was only fifteen years old, a year younger than Caspian. When she was much younger, Jessica was found to have a Pure Jade Physique, and she would get twice the result with half the effort when it came to cultivation. Thus, she was a cultivation genius who was then fully nurtured by her family.

When Lucas and Fabian left the Lawrence family as they embarked on their journey to Agrela, Jessica began making preparations to break through the fifth stage of the True Martial Realm. Calculating the time, and if all went well, Jessica would already succeed by the time they reached the Lawrence family.

Caspian only found out about the existence of an innate physique in this would through Lucas.

For example, Jessica had a Pure Jade Physique, and those who had such physique could achieve a state of mental concentration that was unimaginable for an ordinary human. Therefore, they could train much faster than most.

Lucas mentioned a few more physiques, such as the Raging Bull Physique with great natural strength and the Corrosion Physique with innate poisonous blood.

On this journey, Caspian gained vast knowledge and experience through Lucas and Fabian.

Nevertheless, there were still certain inconveniences.

As Lucas and Fabian watched over him strictly, Caspian could not enter the Tower of Life to practice.

During this time, Caspian was stuck at the third stage of the True Martial Realm, and he did not have any breakthrough.

Since he could not improve his stage, Caspian turned his focus to physical exercises.

Lucas mentioned before that for a warrior of the True Martial Realm to ascend as a cultivator of the Pulse Control Realm, his awareness of the essence of the world was the most important.

Moreover, The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale could help users absorb the spiritual Qi and energy in food.

Caspian had a faint hunch that the treasures on each floor of the Tower of Life left by his mother were not random.

The treasure on each floor was either helpful for his current stage or valuable for improving himself to the next level. They were all gradual.

Therefore, The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale was most probably prepared for him to break through the Pulse Control Realm in the future.

After all, with the essence of the world being stored in his body in advance, his blood and muscle would be strengthened. This advantage would be unreachable for other warriors.

Due to this guess and his mother's trust, Caspian would put The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale to use each time he ate.

As for Lucas and Fabian, despite being shocked by Caspian's food intake, Lucas and Fabian did not question him. They would take turns to hunt more food and drinks for Caspian, as one of them stayed back to watch him,

Consequently, once the four months passed and they reached the Earlington of Efrax's territory, Caspian's body was completely different than before.

Caspian stood taller and straighter. Compared to when they just left Salleria, he was now half a head taller, and there was no trace of fat on his body. Despite appearing thin, his muscles were well-proportioned and full of strength.

Before they arrived, Caspian also requested advice on martial arts from Lucas and Fabian, and he would train separately with them.

Under Caspian's deliberate restraint, he was only slightly inferior to Fabian despite still being at the third stage of the True Martial Realm.

According to Lucas, Fabian was one of the best among the Lawrence family's warriors of the same rank.

As such, Caspian had a better understanding of his current strength too.

After another ten days of journey, they finally arrived at Evergreen Town, where the Lawrence family resided.

Before this, Caspian already knew from Lucas that the Lawrence family lived near the border of Earlington of Efrax, and it was a big family of more than 3000 members. Their main source of income was the minerals of the surrounding mountains, but they were also somewhat involved in other businesses. Thus, the Lawrence family was also considered the upper-class family in Evergreen Town.

The Lawrence family's position in Evergreen Town was even more secured now with Jessica, the cultivation genius, in their family. Moreover, it seemed that the family was also gradually climbing up to another level.

Lucas and Fabian were excited as they finally returned home after a few months. They walked fast as they led Caspian toward Lawrence Manor's entrance, situated in the middle of Evergreen Town.

To maintain the family business, most of the Lawrence family's clan members lived in Lawrence Fort outside Evergreen Town. However, there would also be about three hundred family members in Lawrence Manor on weekdays. Moreover, the patriarch and other high-level family members would also live in Lawrence Manor, and most affairs would be handled in Lawrence Manor.

It would usually be lively when it was approaching noon, but the Lawrence Manor's domineering red gate was now tightly shut. A few people from the Lawrence family were guarding nearby, not allowing any outsiders to approach.

Lucas and Fabian thought something happened. After they went to identify themselves, a steward soon walked out from the side entrance.

When he saw Caspian and the rest, he sneered with his head held high. "None of you are allowed to go in."

"Why not?" Fabian was confused, “we followed the Old Master's order and headed to Agrela to bring Lady Jessica's future husband over. We’re bringing him to meet the Old Master now, so why aren't you letting us in?"

"Lady Jessica's future husband?" The steward sized Caspian up and down with a contemptuous gaze. Then, he jeered at them again and again. "Lady Jessica's future husband is proposing marriage to the Old Master in the mansion. Who is this b*stard that you two brought back!"


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