Chapter 1241 He's Back


The rolling waves suddenly exploded like boiling water.

The water that rushed into the air quickly gathered, forming a shield that was several times bigger and heavier than the door plank, and hit the zombie.

The zombie roared at the same time and poked down with its five fingers.

Although the heavy shield was made of water, its weight and hardness far surpassed steel.

But even so, it was still pierced by the nails of the zombie.


The zombie opened its mouth and let out a roar. The horn on its forehead turned red as if it was about to bleed.

The zombie poked forward again and then pulled the shield hard.

With a loud explosion, the heavy shield exploded.

Water arrows shot in all directions with the sound of arrows breaking through the air.

Although the heavy water shield could not stop the zombie, it shook off the zombie’s arms, revealing its chest and head.

"Thank you, senior Pine!" Maya Kaye's eyes narrowed. She held the handle of the umbrella in mid-air and
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