Chapter 1242 Confirm

On the way here, Maya Kaye, who had made rapid progress, wanted to compete with Caspian in terms of realm.

Then, there was no then anymore.

Even the calmest Lady Maisie, who had always been gentle, spent two hours to accept the reality that Caspian was now at the third level of Holy Land Realm.

Caspian’s rate of advancement was simply too frightening.

It was like a baby was born in the morning and became a strong adult man in the evening.

It was hard to accept this kind of thing.

The people who came back included Sebastian Griffith, Yohan Faris, Heidi Benkinser, and Nana Moss.

When they first came to Heavenly Stars Sect, as Caspian’s senior brothers and sisters, they helped and cared about Caspian.

After a short period, the restraint disappeared completely after a short while.

In fact, there was no difference between Caspian now and that more than a year ago except the increasing of realms.

In the mortal world, friends who were separated from each other would not become dista
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