Chapter 1243 The News from Charlotte Sky

Caspian had been busy these days.

However, it was not that he was busy practicing, but that he was doing a lot of information gathering, at least in the eyes of everyone, it was like this.

After Caspian gathered everyone in Heavenly Stars Sect early, he did not give any further instructions.

He began to collect and sort out information.

With the permission of Hadley Forsyth, Caspian would check a large amount of information about the zombie chaos sent from all over the country every day.

This information was not only collected by Heavenly Stars Sect, but also by the Imperial Clan of Earlington of Efrax, as well as the information shared by the other five great Sects.

The information contained all kinds of details, and it was quite fragmented.

Anyone who looked at it for a long time would feel dizzy and exhausted.

However, Caspian had been busy collecting all kinds of information these days.

He even asked Eva Green to use her connections to get some news about Ucror suppressing
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