Chapter 1244 Three Sages Mountain

Looking at everyone's anxious eyes, Charlotte Sky smiled and unfolded the golden scroll in her hand.

The light turned into a light curtain in front of everyone.

Words that were as powerful as iron and silver hooks appeared on it.

After reading the contents, everyone felt extremely shocked.

"Three Sages Mountain, the nest of zombies..."

"Let's go to the nest and cut off the last hope of the zombies' resurrection..."

"The performance in Three Sages Mountain will decide whether or not one can obtain the qualifications for the Spirit Severing Path...."

There were not many words, so the meaning was roughly like this.

The content looked simple, but this was a message from the Heaven's Edge Sect, so the meaning was completely different.

After reading it, the shock in everyone's eyes could be seen clearly.

At this time, they finally understood why Caspian had not allowed them to take action in the past three months.

It turned out that Caspian had already known that the real decisive
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