Chapter 1246 The Restriction

"Look at the Three Sages Mountain. Do you all think that it's magnificent and is a suitable place for cultivation?" Caspian did not explain everyone’s question, but asked a question first.

"Yes." Everyone nodded.

Caspian shook his head and said, "In fact, this place is not suitable for cultivation at all, because spiritual Qi of Three Sages Mountain and the mountains hundreds of miles around it are thin.

The closer we get to the Three Sages Mountain, the thinner spiritual Qi.

The trees around the Three Sages Mountain were obviously shorter than those far away from them.

By the time we reach the foot of Three Sages Mountain, we almost can't feel the existence of spiritual Qi."

Everyone was on their way before, so they didn't find anything.

After being reminded by Caspian, they all stood on the side of the spirit boat and looked down.

After careful observation, everyone noticed that it was as Caspian said.

The trees far away from the Three Sages Mountain were obviously towering.
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