Chapter 1251 The Whirlpool

These cultivators also had things similar to jade identification badges.

However, Caspian had never seen the symbols on these jade tokens.

They must have come from another Efrax.

However, Caspian was too lazy to investigate this matter.

If he had to worry about gains and losses and be afraid after killing someone, he would not have taken action at that time.

With this harvest, everyone set off overnight.

After walking for about two days, they passed through the snow Domain in Three Sages Mountain.

A little further forward, they would see Domain in Three Sages Mountain.

When everyone was riding on spirit boat and looking down from mid-air, they saw that Domain in Three Sages Mountain was covered by a strange mist.

It wasn't until they got closer that they could see clearly that the mist was so thick that it almost turned into a substance. It was like a whirlpool that was entrenched between the three snow mountains, rotating and surging wildly.

From a distance, everyone could h
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