Chapter 1439 It Was Best That Everyone Could Get Benefit

If it was in the secular world, dark cultivators would be more evil and vicious than the bandits who robbed homes.

Compared with bandits, what dark cultivators did was more intolerable.

Slaughtering a village and a town was normal for dark cultivator.

At this time, dark cultivators were right under the eyes of the City Lord's Mansion of Wind Walking City. If the matter was true, then the City Lord's Mansion would inevitably take the responsibility of oversight.

Caspian didn't talk nonsense with the other party and said, "Come in and have a check. Then you will know whether I am telling the truth or not."

The soldiers in front of the treasury hesitated.

Because if dark cultivators actually existed in Wind Walking City, once it was confirmed, they could not bear the responsibility.

The leading prefectural soldier immediately said, "Spiritualist, can I tell the City Lord about this first?"

"Yes, but hurry up. I don't want to waste too much time here." Caspian nodded.

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