Chapter 1442 Magical Power

"A sneak attack!"

Immediately, Caspian came to his senses.

That fleeting colorful light film must be some kind of formation or some kind of magic weapon.

At this moment, dazzling light suddenly shone around spirit boat.

The light was colorful, as if it was a piece of good satin that spread out and rushed toward spirit boat on Caspian.

At the same time, more than a dozen figures appeared on the ground below.

A burst of cheers came from the crowd, "Catch him! Catch him!"

In the crowd, a white-bearded old man was beaming with joy. He rose into the air and flew toward Caspian. "I've been guarding you here for a long time. Let's see where you can escape this time."

Flying in the air!

Caspian narrowed his eyes.

This old man was obviously at Heavenly Spirit Realm.

However, the next moment, the shock in Caspian's heart was completely replaced by anger.

“I was just passing by. Why are you waiting for me?”

“I'm alone. What's wrong with you guys bullying me with numbers?

“I'm just a
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