Chapter 1443 So What if It's an Unexpected Disaster?


Countless pieces of light flew in all directions, making whooshing sounds like air currents.

Large pieces of the ground were torn apart and spread in all directions.

Half of the dozen cultivators on the ground were killed.

The remaining half of them staggered as if they were drunk.

But if they were drunk, they wouldn't be like this, with blood gushing out from their mouths, noses, and eyes.

Caspian fell to the ground and walked toward the nearest cultivator.

This cultivator seemed to have retained a trace of clarity.

When he saw Caspian walking towards him, his eyes were in a trance, but he still staggered. Holding the long sword in his hand, he wanted to stab Caspian.

With no expression on his face, Caspian stretched out his hand and grabbed the Soul-Devouring Jade. Then, he pressed it against the other party's forehead.

Without any nonsense or hesitation.

After a while, Caspian loosened his grip and the cultivator collapsed to the ground like mud. By then, Caspian al
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